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Thaila^F$JHmJdk8*r4z(n!([email protected]@p)M4ONvfxHqI+qpR(Nbl44shvnd’s first transgender billionaire, Anne Jakrajutatip,  has joined forces with a up and coming Bollywood star to launch I Wanna Touch the Sky.

The empowering track and accompanying video empowers transgender anE#D8=g)sP^RB*u1g7&A&nM([email protected]#H&PAXQ=tVlc+OHT%d gender diverse people across the region.

"The music and video tells the story about equality and human rights no matter which genders you are and especially for the transsexual people” Jakrajutatip, CEO of JKN Global Media PLC and cyD53#&V75H0_777([email protected]*p=Uc$eX9jjg1&ykAZBThair of LIFT Foundation told GaLaTai.

"We think that a young transgender and LGBT will embrace it since it siNdu&2yLqhJBuOYxG3BTi2fbb7wwW8RI#eCJ$Di_kUZtg9)obspeaks out the message that LGBTQ society would like to say to the society” Jakrajutatip explained.

The groundbreaking music video features Bollywood’s rising star, !7j(tqUvpd2P3LCkbZs0(cqxMWMlUHn=gyYoaOSO^uhkQmbKuhAshish Sharma.

It has been released as part of LIFT’s efforts to raise awareness of transgender rights issues in Thailand and beyond. [email protected]&L$zs4R730h5$%yLLbWIj#zAdOxW8BbAll profits will go LIFT Foundation’s support programs for transgender Thais.

Life for transgender Thais

As transgender Thais are relatively visible in society compared to other areas of Asia, many people wrongly assume they ar3^BEjSH0#QOOS6JQp)+%jNDN$3N5hq3QO)qKZ57QsQY)#-R0QPe accepted, according to LIFT.

But, transgender people in Thailand are stigmatised and rejected by mainstream socia#&srWU3+Y#C_SlO%xEj-sXW^^4CcS4(p1o(TgOEN*d0&0dnLWety.

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