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Hello, we are LalaTai.

The word "Lv+-ox#QWuxqZxd)#rtwtWqfWeo#e&4WYV15cLD+4M$Jb__^X$cala" comes from "lesbian", its pronunciation brings a feeling of fun and vitality, and this is exactly what we want to bring to our readers.

LalaTai is an online source for lesbian news and LGBTP9CMmsZq$ih=2Lou(JDHo)[email protected]+I6^Zv-sLz40YFt#yzLdOa film reviews and interviews. We also announce our partner's GagaOOLala weekly film releases, We hope you can enjoy a wonderfully lesbian life! 

Join us now! You can find a warm an2#8pE)8kr(A$Oz*[email protected][email protected]#[email protected]!4rd welcoming community here! And always remember: be true to yourself and everyone else, because love always wins!