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Lalatai previously interviewed director Samantha Lee regarding her first feature film Baka Bukas (Maybe Tomorrow). Based on her personal experiences and painful struggles, this heartbreaking love story is a love letter filled with emotion and honesty. One year later, the 6th Taiwan International Queer Film Festival just presented her second feature, Billie and Emma. Let's take a look at how Sam's style has evolved between her two films.

1. Baka Bukas (Maybe Tomorrow)

Still from Maybe Tomorrow / (Source: GagaOOLala)

Based on the director's personal story going out with a celebrity, the film was praised at Outfest as a refreshing voice in Asian queer cinema. Alex is a 20-year-old talented girl from Manila who has always had a secret crush on her BFF Jess, but is afraid to confess her feeling. Finally, Alex takes a bold step forward and confesses her feelings towards Jess, forcing the latter to reconsider her relationship with her friend.

Maybe Tomorrow trailer

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2. Billie and Emma

Still from Billie and Emma / (Source: Taiwan International Queer Film Festival)

Asian queer cinema new talent's second feature film focuses on campus love. Set in the Philippines in the mid 90's, rebellious high school girl Billie is exiled by her family to San Isidro, a town 413 km away from Manila. In San Isidro, Billie meets Emma, and her first love begins. Director Samantha Lee says that the film's goal is to make queers know that we do not need to feel sorry for who we are!

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Billie and Emma trailer

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