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When it comes to Japanese lesbian films, what titles come to your mind? Would it be the high school, coming-of-age romance Schoolgirl Complex? Or the erotic drama White Lily? Or perhaps the other pink films from the land of the rising sun? With this, LalaTai brings our top 5 picks for Japanese lesbian short films that are available now to watch on GagaOOLala.


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Teenager Satsuki is having a sexual relationship with a man while deeply in love with her girlfriend Jun at the same time. Her mother thinks it is abnormal for her to date a girl. As a bisexual, Satsuki’s sexuality is swaying as she desperately wants to find out what she really wants.

Fingers and Kisses

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How did they do it? The unbearable innocent fingers and kisses. Colorful on the screens, yours, hers, mine, hands on the wheels, hands for the hugs. Cheang has taken her camera to the streets for a candid glimpse of lesbian public sexuality. If Asian women and lesbians share a certain amount of invisibility in the culture, Fingers and Kisses offers not only a bold representation of both but a challenge to the question “What do lesbians do?”


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Winner of a total of 13 awards at various Japanese domestic film festivals, Kalanchoe is a lesbian film that tells the story about a class in a high school, where they are the only ones to have a lesson about LGBTQ+ studies. As there is no such lesson in other classes of the high school, the students, then, grow suspicious that there might be a queer student amongst them. 

From Bottom of the Vortex

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Friendship? Or love? Kiko finds herself in a conflict when it comes to the emotions she has for her best friend. Should Kiko tell her how she feels or should she keep the feelings to herself to protect their friendship? “Tell her. Don’t tell her.” is a dilemma that most lesbians have probably have had to encounter at one point in their lifetime. But when faced with the bitter realization of knowing that her best friend has fallen in love with another girl, Kiko, out of all the hurt and regret, makes the ultimate decision to cut off her feelings once and for all and heads to her best friend to bid her the ultimate goodbye. Watch Izumi Okamura partner up with Sayaka Hashimoto in the heart-wrenching film of innocent love and separation in From Bottom of the Vortex.


(Source: GagaOOLala)

A lesbian couple lives in an aged and broken house. One of them is a good housekeeper, but she is secretly planning to escape from her abusive girlfriend. But after being discovered trying to run away, she must then survive the night in silence.


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