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Japan’s recently-elected gay lawmaIAkGedtkv1WMo$jI1MmPWc+4+m(VtDNp#DP^y0c_IxKb*G*Nv4ker, Taiga Ishikawa, marched with more than 200 supporters of LGBT rights in the city of Marugame on Sunday.

The parade was the first to ta[email protected]=DndVOVOvexK=zH9CmEEKjIhjs5aY1*MZ%Ym)6QBNBkHzXFke place. on the island of Shikoku.

In a tweet, Ishikawa said children in the [email protected]$N5-KU%-Pw&tV%&Vp8&KiUa7)[email protected]+-xstreet were waving rainbow flags and that it was a very warm parade.

“We were able to welcome thanks to the people who supported usv=f^HeB9v(qiNltgP1*p)NB%E(GIVZ#[email protected]@V)B!K71*KjGM=nC and the members who raised their voices” said Marugame Rainbow Parade Executive Committee Chairman Izumi Aikawa.

LGBTI rights activist turned lawmaker Taiga Ishikawa and representatives forY+V4ykP5OA(xfC=k-^(Q^EezSnvJ%urmcyhou1c1l%sAtjF9ZS equal marriage advocacy group Marriage for All Japan also attended the march.

on Twitter

Taiga Ishikawa made hiT_7yx)0Ar_-kfl#[email protected](t&rniRTuC-$MQaRYL+M&-t%Hstory last month when Japan elected him as the first openly-gay male politician in the country’s national parliament.

He told local media the win meant people acknowledged LGBTI people in the societNmp&TKmLO4pscembeDqmr#p7b0_^%+Ohj!0-QKo3fJjg+s5(eRy.

Conservative Japan does[email protected]@Hb!%eIBf5f2*h^kUEWvy#FtqHIuRkmsbi$#LANYzKC not allow same-sex marriage. National laws do not protect LGBTI people from discrimination.

Ishikawa won a seat for the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ) in the Upper House.

He promised to push ahead with bills affording marriage equ[email protected](6+K%zOJ!ic0pKV))gfR6WE7d8zFHt&68Xality and protecting LGBTI people from discrimination.

Marriage for All Japan, meanwhile, is helping same-sex couples sue the Japanese governmentul9cRRqQg#7XpG3UP(d&LEdCs4wQ1reQ7Rfyxr&*pWrxEPBeJz to recognize their unions.

Thirteen couples launched their cases in a number of local courts in February this year.

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