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Japan’s recently-elected gay lawmaker, Taiga Ishikawa, marched with more than 200 supporters of LGBT rights in the cit^Uxd0)Y)=rW-txCP*b(#LwJAv0ZWjT612Z3x0B+(B!O*Y_g439y of Marugame on Sunday.

The parade [email protected]+P=E5Z(g1Xr0pZa(0xqdbw9%*Grff1was the first to take place. on the island of Shikoku.

In a tweet, Ishikawa said children in the street were waving rainbow flags and tP0Yng!aMp6haWXF1ZkilkZ%wzwgruVsQ9f*$uqOy%E6Wx$bc!%hat it was a very warm parade.

“We were able to welcome thanks to the people who supported us and the members who raised their voices” said Marugame Rainbow Parade Executive Committee Chairman IzumiU(r+6$NqO##RZhp-rv_MY!GeCS*$h4+--pO#4iU)1$b0k7^c*m Aikawa.

LGBTI rights activist turned lawmaker Taiga Ishikawa and representatives for equal marriage advocacy group Marriage for All JapLr9PgvFZQ(ggd7^k#*-lEe0^PeV#cySo0DOjW7SyrzepSrdfIkan also attended the march.

on Twitter

Taiga Ishikawa made history last month when Japan elected him as the first openly-gay male po#k3(YQf&am#p%bEOofRBr567&1ajC9IFcGVeIS)[email protected]+KUe%litician in the country’s national parliament.

He told local media the win meant people acknowledged LGBTI people in(!bMnE#SEYUYFggRC9KArP2UX+pH6BZ$oRIdxBptqW83#Z1GeI the society.

Conservative Japan does not allow same-sex marriage. National laws do not protect LGBTI #6$Q$9wlymojxbY^t-!0SOYa0_(uz*[email protected]people from discrimination.

Ishikawa won a seat for the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ) in the Upper House.

He promised to push ahead with bills affording marriage equalityMsFBHPZyDV%3GldQiKxKfNaQsruADbKf$krPV6i)k3NCIT$YD) and protecting LGBTI people from discrimination.

Marri7iUTsI=BJ6_3bUsvxxq(*%[email protected]#pZzM!UAage for All Japan, meanwhile, is helping same-sex couples sue the Japanese government to recognize their unions.

Thirteen couples launched their cases in a number of local courts in February this year.

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