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This is the 24th edition of Metro Manila Pride. It attracted over 25,000 participants. Queer Asia - Philipines followed this year's Manila Pride and interviewed 9 LGBTQ+ members who are out and proud, to show the world the diverse stories within the community. Among them there is Sandy Aloba and Ida Ramos, two women that have lived an unimaginable struggle to adopt their son, Liam.

Source: GagaOOLala

Sandy and Ida were also at the Metro Manila Pride March. They think the public does not understand the true meaning of acceptance, even though they are no different from a heterosexual family. Sandy can only be a housemate to her son, who she loves so dearly. With all kinds of families nowadays, they believe the concept of conventional family does not exist anymore in this world.

As long as there is love, that makes the family, right? 

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