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Below Her Mouth is an erotic lesbian movie starring Erika Linder and Natalie Krill in bold and sensual sex scenes that made the audiences around the world drool. Lalatai invited lesbian couple Lean and Ting to share their thoughts on the film. Let’s take a look at their adorable and cheeky responses!

Lesbian Couple Lean (Left) and Ting (Right)

1. Thoughts on Below Her Mouth?

Lean: I think the part where the femme hesitates is thought-provoking. Maybe it’s because she is not ready to accept the fact that she’s attracted to girls and she’s bound by some social conventions. I’m touched because it’s very realistic. It’s just that it is portrayed more sensually in the film (laugh).

Ting: I thought I was going to watch a gay film, and then I got excited when I realized that it was a lesbian movie since there are only very few of them. After watching the movie, my first thought being: the butch is so handsome and the femme so beautiful! In addition, the film also deals with the struggles that butches have to face. In reality, there are really a lot of butches that have to deal with a lot of problems. I would recommend this film to everyone. It is interesting and unique in its perspective.

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2. Are dildos common among lesbians in Taiwan?

Lean: There are some, but I think not that many.

Ting: I think most of our friends don’t use it.

Lean: It’s for foreplay rather than the “main dish.” 

3. Where do they use the dildo? Why not “wearing” it before going out?

Lean: She’s wearing it before she goes out. It is already there when she takes her pants off. But in this case, there would be a bulge. Basically, nobody does it in Taiwan.  

4. Do you use dildos?

Lean & Ting: No. Or seldom. Most of our friends do not use them.

5. Don’t you want to give it a try?

Ting: We can do without using it (shy). 

Lean: She’s never gone out with a boy. I guess she doesn’t need to compare the sizes? 

6. As for you, which sex scene is the most incredible?

Ting: Actually I like all of them. I think the cameraman really captured their elegant body shapes. They are truly very beautiful, so beautiful that you would want to keep watching the film just for that. 

Lean: And the butch’s thing is quite pink.

Ting: What?

Lean: It’s just okay.

Ting: It is kind of embarrassing since the butch’s thing is pinker. Maybe it’s because the femme’s skin is darker?

Lean: It reminds me of Carmen and Shane in The L Word. Fascinating.

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7. Ever done it outdoors?

Ting: Me? Never. How about you?

Lean: It’s tricky. I’ve never done it with her.

Ting: So you’ve done it with other people! Why did you spill it yourself?

Lean: Just kissing in the car. It was nice though.

8. Any place from the film where you want to have sex?

Lean: On the stairs.

Ting: But we don’t have a staircase in our place.

Lean: That’s exactly the reason I want to try it! It is quite exciting watching them do it on the stairs.

9. Do you want to have sex after watching the film?

Lean: We can do some research when we get home (inviting Ting).

Ting: Ayy! Shhhhh! They’re still filming (shy)! She’s kidding! Ignore her.

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