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India this wee-69i9XS(^k1f)eUU57(&g^33f-sOFjrR-#w*qizeu9yZ4N#V$wkend will screen the first episode of a new queer cookery and lifestyle show.

Closet to Kitchen with Nakshatra BagweZbPU6CPtOO%UH!Xu%ao6_GDdCVZ=fp*[email protected])rC15*@c9e launches nearly after India struck down a 150-year colonial law and decriminalized gay sex.

The new series sees host Nakshatra Bagwe visit inspiring ch!*fTwPiOKMqx4RxHEHVO51qGO47Z8%Jn&A!kDzyhOn4AiX5GK+efs from the queer community. 

The 10 people from economic hub Mumbai featured on the series will demonstrate how to cook their favorite recipes before having a frank conversation with Bagwe about their lives as a queLQC#8QqLfC+qA=+8UmN3N9MHIvQn3B3fkL4vGE)4TqDWM+VRm_er person.

Bagwe told Gaylaxy Mag they wondered why there wunWuJ-xHvH_0atC_RQaTPSU&A%N$bzacP+Xx!Q4Vir+PlgvSkBas no lifestyle series which highlighted queer experiences.

"We have a lot of stoFE%[email protected]^oo-hs$n4zKkI23-HjVoK-QA3Lc4ries to tell, stories of happiness, sorrows, struggles and aspirations” Bagwe explained.

"This was always a dream project for mu7C0&^[email protected]*rxC_JEctfGQVe^C1)e so I am living my dream.”

From Closet to Kitchen[email protected][email protected]^[email protected]^1Z5&)jQ features people from across the LGBT community and from different backgrounds.

The first episode features Arjun Das, who was runner up of Mr Gay India 20nW1k1u=uwqq&H!cm1uAdbcB#5-KI!F&(@[email protected]_9R2ix*pRE19. 

 different(m&e(GyC+AAvz#[email protected]+rny$($%+cUVe sections of the queer community from diverse class, religion, social & regional background.

The show launches on Paramplay’s website and app.

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