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The last Korean short I shared, Don’t Say Sorry got some unexpected responses; so here I am again to share yet another Korean lesbian short with you guys, Boss in Love!

Watch Boss in Love on GagaOOLala

From left to right, the new employee of the company, Joo-ah, played by Choi Minje, The cool boss Se-young, played by Kim Yoo-ra, and her lover Hye-mi, played by Choi Woojung. This still looks almost like a new girl group promotional pic 😂 (Image from GagaOOLala)

The story follows Se-young who one day stays late at the company alone working overtime and invites Hye-mi, her former colleague who is now her lover to come to the company and share some romantic time. Joo-ah, who has a crush on Se-young, then comes back to the office to confess her feelings to her, forming an office love triangle! Cute long-haired lezzies; Korean femmes. ❤️

That’s right! The reason I noticed this film was because the actress who plays Hye-mi is the same one who played Choi-yeon in Don’t Say Sorry! It seems that this Choi Woojung is a real hotshot in the Korean lesbian short field! 😂 You guys, follow her up!

The cool, serious Si-young. I’m, of course, enchanted by her again! 😍(Image from GagaOOLala)

The smile of a headstrong lessie has got me like…❤️ (Image from GagaOOLala)

As soon as Hye-mi comes in, Si-young ambushes her with a hot kiss💋 Hye-mi’s face, caught by the element of surprise, is just like that of Choi-yeon’s 😂
(Image from GagaOOLala)

Hye-mi‘s turn now! Grab her by the collar! (Image from GagaOOLala)

(Image from GagaOOLala)

My top two shots of the entire film ❤️ perfect profile kill ☺️ (Image from GagaOOLala)

My top two shots of the entire film ❤️ perfect profile kill ☺️ (Image from GagaOOLala))

As Si-young and Hye-mi are just getting sweet, Joo-ah is thinking about confessing her feelings to Si-young. (Image from GagaOOLala)

(Image from GagaOOLala)

(Image from GagaOOLala)

😳(Image from GagaOOLala)

The return of Joo-ah! (Image from GagaOOLala)

And it’s not just the actresses. Boss in Love and Don’t Say Sorry feature many similarities on their character settings. The mix of cool & steady girl vs. sweet & feisty girl, along with the uniform-like shirts and black skirts feel just like a sequel of Don’t Say Sorry

Although compared to Don’t Say Sorry, the film lacks a more profound insight of the character’s feelings and the cinematography may seem a little rusty; the light-hearted story is quite pleasant, an exception among most lesbian films that are focused on painful experiences. Unlike Don’t Say Sorry ’s sweet but bitter story, Boss in Love is a 100% urban light-heartedness, as a few cuts in the film almost seem cute and comical, especially the scene where Joo-ah goes to find Si-young to confess her feelings. I got a give it to you, director, you’ve a good sense of humor😂

If you have no interest in the story itself, rest assured, the the cast will not let you down as it is no less than a hotshot girl group ❤️ Personally, I think Joo-ah looks a bit like Yeri from RV, especially when she smiles. Yeri is bit older though, and her facial features are more mature. Si-young, on the other hand, looks a bit like the actress Kim Ha-neul, especially her profile. All in all, Boss in Love is certainly an amusing cute short of just 16 mins. Should you find yourself out of YouTube videos to watch during lunch someday, it will make a great pass-time!

Leave a comment below and tell me what you guys think! By the way, I gotta know, where on earth can I find an office filled with gorgeous lezzies like this!

Watch Boss in Love on GagaOOLala