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Fellow lala fans, are you looking for some quality lesbian shorts but don’t know where to find them? Or have you finished your list of lesbian titles? Fear not, GagaOOLala, the largest LGBTQ+ streaming service in Asia, has you covered! Here are all the most popular lesbian romance shorts on the platform for you so that you can relive that electric feel of falling in love!

1. Even If


Cin, a new student at a school, quickly becomes friends with May. As they spend more time together, their bond deepens and they eventually confess their love for each other. They become a couple and make their relationship public, but not everyone is supportive. They become targets of bullying and harassment, causing Cin to doubt herself and their relationship. In the midst of it all, May reassures Cin that she will always be the perfect girl, no matter what happens. 

Watch Even If on GagaOOLala

2. I Am Going to Make Lesbian Porn


I'd like to make lesbian porn for girls. So invite a bisexual friend Xiao Ying and straight girl Ruo Han. We have found a lot of other issues during the process of preparing the shot. The questions are about women's lust and body, or men, or unrelated.

Watch I Am Going to Make Lesbian Porn on GagaOOLala

3. Fragrance of the First Flower


Yi-Ming lives alone with her son, as her husband works away from home. She meets Ting-Ting at a wedding, a girl she once had some history with back in high school. Back in the days, Yi-Ming denied their relationship out of fear of living as a lesbian woman, but meeting Ting-Ting again reignites something in her, a possibility to escape her dull married life. Now that Taiwan has legalized same-sex marriage, can Yi-Ming find the courage to admit her feelings? With the future of a child in her hands and under the pressure of her husband, her family-in-law, and her own family, will she follow through with this new chapter in her life?

Watch Fragrance of The First Flower on GagaOOLala

4. Love Tech


How would our relationships look like if we could know about our break-up in advance? Jae-Young and Soo-Hyun connect over a match on a dating app by the name of Destiny. By the third year of their relationship, things begin to get rocky between the two as they constantly find themselves getting into the smallest of arguments. All of a sudden, the estranged couple receives a push notification from the app confirming whether they would like to check the expiry date of their relationship. Both Jae-Young and Soo-Hyun look hesitant. Would they end up choosing to check the expiration date or would they avoid it? What if it were you? 

Watch Love Tech on GagaOOLala

5. Fragment


Fon has been harboring a secret love for her best friend for as long as she can remember. Fearful of jeopardizing their friendship, she chooses to keep her feelings hidden. However, seeing her best friend and her boyfriend's intimate moments makes her feel very uncomfortable. How long will she be able to hide her feelings? Will Fon be able to turn her friendship into love?

Watch Fragment on GagaOOLala

6. 10:10


As two girls wait to be picked up at the train station, one girl finds that she is unable to let go of the end of a trip that she wishes was only the beginning. 

Watch 10:10 on GagaOOLala

7. Bicultural


Torn between the 'perfect' daughter that her strict traditional family believes her to be and the open-minded free spirit that she is, a second-generation Filipina-American named Grace must make a move to declare her identity. 

Watch Bicultural on GagaOOLala

8. Shall We Dance


Hanni and Ziyou have a crush on each other that reaches the height of its intensity. Hanni is inseparably glued to Ziyou and takes care of everything in her life, but a misunderstanding makes Ziyou want to avoid Hanni. Like a silent waltz, the two enter a speechless game. Back and forth, one takes a step forward as the other retreats. Will they ever share a brighter day?

Watch Shall We Dance on GagaOOLala

9. Fake It


Zohar must get more photos for her exhibition. So she asks Ella, her ex, to remake things that happened to them when they were together, and photograph it. The camera is ready. Fake it. Shoot. This is not real. Or maybe it is? Two women. One love. And all the past is yet to come. 

Watch Fake it on GagaOOLala

10. From The Bottom of the Vortex


KiKo, feeling pessimistic about her lesbian identity, finds it hard to express her affection towards her best friend. “Tell her, or not to tell her” is the dilemma that every lesbian may face. But for Kiko, she realizes that her best friend has fallen in love with another girl. Out of regret and hurt pride, she decides to sever all her feelings and go say goodbye to her best friend.

Watch From The Bottom of The Vortex on GagaOOLala

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Leading Ladies reflects how guilt affects us in different ways based on our perspective or memories. A welcome dinner is the excuse to discover that we always keep a secret from who know us the best.