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Taiwan actress Peijia Huang, who plays a petite but feisty karate-l[email protected]@t9a6Yx&o_Xm--b!Ije34oving Singaporean in new rom com series Handsome Stewardess, has revealed Canto Pop star Denise Ho is her type.

“She’s dBr6(cj_O#[email protected]$r3mW$3=pef2q(dElc8u^N4am!Hm&Djust so handsome,” Huang said in an interview shared by GagaOOLala, who produced the series and is screening episodes every Friday from 25 October.

Huang revealed she=!gtu%BGaUDxrz(_RtnN(85NLH00^oGTx9NU%T#[email protected] had had a relationship with a girl in the past and said: “gender is not an issue for me”.

“I don’t limit KxuDKNA%)-yOx-ytlLu%OQh+YU6QpN8d1i=!SROtbkc=$+l8iQmyself and say I only need to date girls or boys.” She explained. “Chemistry is everything”.

Huang said shooting scenes with actress Xiao Man, aka Lilu Wang, who pj#oW_=ya%QgA^!Z-&^snp+9T*[email protected])[email protected]#8X8FwE!Ce&Co#lays a butch Taiwan bartender that she falls in love with was “very natural” and “like a real couple”.

The kissing scenes did not make her at all nervous, she said, and werK2!asp0Gvq)7b4zkjd_bYTM$Y0Wncf9m12mUi1_ODA1*Ry$3RNe “sort of fun”.

Huang said her character was t_n*5CG3)+NlskfdlG_VT-RR$qc&IAjkZd!P2o2%v^ehq6-24qjhe star sign Leo, like herself, and was also a tiger on the outside but a kitten on the inside.

Mong Lian, played by Hua[email protected]$PTxJi6qy)Pong, unexpectedly falls for Holly, played by Xiao Man on a holiday to Taiwan’s east cost.

The whirlwind romance leads Holly to quit her job in Taib%_#x_1TNbRYo_ew6Pitdc4^RpY1ezlbPnPWMc3B6qmS51K16lwan and apply to be a flight attendant in Singapore. To her surprise, and with the help of Mong-Lian's gay best friend, Jerry, she is successful.

Holly soon finds she[email protected]%cyScgz*3!=Fp1fStY&bV!scQJPUG1ErQjGK9 is more comfortable serving passengers wearing a suit and tie than rather than a skimpy skirt. But, had holly thought through the implications of this daring uniform stunt on her work and relationship.

The touching comedy, a GagaOOLala original, explores the warmth and passion between the feisty jeal[email protected]+Wb3)caaG3MJIAN+BwHCW)[email protected]ous fighter played by Huang and the handsome stewardess played by Man.

It is[email protected]**%a8cwf*(H4(wVC8256QQTpxb%*[email protected] part of Chou’s series "Project Rainbow in Six Asian Cities”, exploring LGBT experience of coming out, questions of identity, family issues, and marriage in the Chinese-speaking world. 

Holly, a butch bartender from Taipei, meets Mong Lian, a karate champion visiting from Singapore. It is love at first sight but the distance between Taiwan and Singapore soon becomes their biggest obstacle.
Watch Handsome Stewardess on GagaOOLala.

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