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Taiwan actress Peijia Huang, who plays a petite but feisfLwtLTRp9K8OUvl2yPc_HxEIBAe-UbDASc03+i=v#e9)2!Woq4ty karate-loving Singaporean in new rom com series Handsome Stewardess, has revealed Canto Pop star Denise Ho is her type.

“She’s just so handsome,” Huang said in an interview shared by GagaOOLala, who produced the series and is screening episodes every Friday from 25 OctPE-Lr-HOf%2SJ1ruHn#I&-_YS-Rih!fDeJU5bYoBZ%uE+jQ6m#ober.

Huang revealed she had had a relationship with a girl in the past and said: “gender is not an isNl#&Hc2DM%mZ0Awn([email protected]sue for me”.

“I don’t limit myself and say I only need to date girls or boys.” She explained. “Chemistry is @@D3EWuPRCKpW797okijJYwGV1gMP6H+x)YnqV7xurBB8r1W5reverything”.

Huang said shooting scenes with actress Xiao Man, aka Lilu Wang, who plays a butch Taiwan bartendectw6)t3^)zTV=PAY7h-0Xt+gck5L0MR)[email protected]r that she falls in love with was “very natural” and “like a real couple”.

The kissiN1oGVN)2Y*=(U3_r^QfHBEZxG2(18L$2bWzx*h$Tvv9-OycFhNng scenes did not make her at all nervous, she said, and were “sort of fun”.

Huang said her character was the star sJLV4GE(=l$QFn%[email protected]ign Leo, like herself, and was also a tiger on the outside but a kitten on the inside.

Mong Lian, played by Hua#K83liC2g*[email protected]^^$DBogF%[email protected]@J*Cng, unexpectedly falls for Holly, played by Xiao Man on a holiday to Taiwan’s east cost.

The whirlwind romance leads Holly to quit her job in Taiwan and apply to be a flight attendant i*U$UgZ5qFyc*[email protected]%QYHSsiUmWNJKaWVU5c1T4z5cut3*dO4in Singapore. To her surprise, and with the help of Mong-Lian's gay best friend, Jerry, she is successful.

Holly soon finds she is more comfortable serving passengers wearing a suit and tie than rather than a skimpy skirt. But, had holly thought tBNEQTC3+%([email protected]&^[email protected]=through the implications of this daring uniform stunt on her work and relationship.

The touching comedy, a GagaOOLala original, explores the warmth and passion between the feisty jealous fighter played by Huang and the handsome st[email protected](nKPPeTWqWEL8aivtGW-pk7nnyewardess played by Man.

It is part of Chou’s series "Project Rainbow in Six Asian Cities”, exploring LGBT experience of coming out, questions of identity, family issues, and marriage in the Chinese-speaking worldl$6M#se$JfDQY+yFdN+q02E^#tulPuQ7M0TT77Qo7eGwxpT4k_

Holly, a butch bartender from Taipei, meets Mong Lian, a karate champion visiting from Singapore. It is love at first sight but the distance between Taiwan and Singapore soon becomes their biggest obstacle.
Watch Handsome Stewardess on GagaOOLala.

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