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Actress Lilu Wang, who plays a Taiwanese bartender who trains to be a flight attendant in Handsome Stewardess, has said the new series is sure to “bring happine(NMHDEu)%p)6Oac=!!Rx9re_srvgwzb2SZTx8cg^rfb+RR(s_ess” to those who watch it.

Wang's character, Holly, "addresses heavy topics in a humorous way”, she said, “allowi2ulFi=e*c-p$XZcMYWp6mxqPw74I5IO3sD3)Axk1%TaFC3F^^tng audiences to pay attention to some of the issues of our day.”

Handsome Stewardess is a GagaOOLala original an[email protected]@[email protected]#-U7cQM6S*=yGnA5x6_GEgEZ5siqygd is screening on the platform from every Friday from 25 October.

In the show, Holly falls for a petite but feisty karate-loving Singaporean named Mong Lian and moves to Singapore to start a new3Tkx&Pxo(s*Xcy)xaa3+v3PuWh+Ryi_IxeD7i%bt6F2%[email protected] life as a flight attendant.

“She does it for love” e[email protected]=8w)[email protected])qX7keRx4aVI1YGKsCBu_ws2o(xplained Wang in an interview with GagaOOLala.

Wang said Holly#ln(hzx&V3)Jp3%HGK$SzzJpx=Z9ufybBp6d=Y$rGUBHRZKZ+& had a personality similar to hers. “She is straight forward, clear headed, and does what ever she wants”.

Wang said the movie will attract audiences with the way ZL5U7X#B-23jV3iM4KQ68qWPn8D9P6vEOKZI^Oy0GGUAEtu3juit tackles heavy-hitting issues, such as sexual discrimination.

“[Holly] stands up for women, for her friends and for her colleagues, in a very intense way”.

Wang also revealed that if she could collaborate with [email protected]_D!UyT5gs$*any artiste around the world it would be her “personal goddess” Natalie Portman.

“She is exceptional, a thoughtful lady, well-educated. I think a woman like t2Y^Gj7Oib^SrEi=7+A!&7_a8xkD0$FE#[email protected]%Ohis is quite enticing”.

The series starts with Mong Lian, played by Peijia Huang, unexpectedly falling for Holly on a holiday to Taiwan’s easEb$!))#[email protected])TY-^Qr4I2h3MvX23z1d([email protected])4=xest coast.

The whirlwind romance leads Holly to quit her job in Taiwan and apply to be a flight attendant in Singapore. To her surprise, and with the h@f$oS+_w6M0=1fF^-vayrBzhn7Bf#qXu2+oWJ!^+*EMox_B8+Xelp of Mong-Lian's gay best friend, Jerry, she is successful.

Holly soon finds she is more comfoiTkirQDeha2#n+bqC#NBZRO(V&g!TY30A^s4ygb^_r^*kb-6Y(rtable serving passengers wearing a suit and tie than rather than a skimpy skirt. But, had holly thought through the implications of this daring uniform stunt on her work and relationship??

The touching comedy, a GagaOOLala original, explores the warmth and passion betwebFEI2FomkEbwo$uw([email protected]=PK6kjwadZfZ$YPbIyfbyuKvHDeIen the feisty jealous fighter played by Huang and the handsome stewardess played by Man.

It is partqc3$^bOO2_&gvg=kJaQJ#l=N=E6G5NDz$*Fu4&7MYIMoB!04ah of Chou’s series "Project Rainbow in Six Asian Cities”, exploring LGBT experience of coming out, questions of identity, family issues, and marriage in the Chinese-speaking world. 

Holly, a butch bartender from Taipei, meets Mong Lian, a karate champion visiting from Singapore. It is love at first sight but the distance between Taiwan and Singapore soon becomes their biggest obstacle.
Watch Handsome Stewardess on GagaOOLala.

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