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Nowadays, Korean TV dramas have become among the most popular in Asia. But there’s another country whose series are quickly gaining recognition: Thailand. One of the most popular current Thai dramas is The Underwear, can you guess why? The answer is that it features a gorgeous lesbian couple. Unlike other Thai series, The Underwear is not an over-the-top romantic comedy. The lesbian couple, Jeans and Jay, makes this series incredibly sexy and really worth a watch.

The Underwear is based on a fan story from an online community. The leading character, Jay, just broke up with her boyfriend, but no one expected that he would jump from a building. His brother directly assumes that it is all Jay’s fault and so, he starts to spread rumors on the school forum to hurt her. This haunts Jay and doesn’t let her escape the shadow of her ex-boyfriend’s death. Cue for Jeans, she takes care of Jay during these hard times she is suffering and, as they get closer and closer, she decides to tell Jay about her true feelings. At this point, the whole plot starts to get hotter and more exciting...

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The Underwear not only shows innocent lesbians kisses, but also offers you hot, sensual, and beautiful making-out scenes.

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To our surprise, these two girls ae)K)&ky)[email protected])$re not only lovers in the show. In real life, we have seen them kissing each other without hesitation, which makes us wonder whether they are really into it.

Emma Emika Grant (@emma_mbo)



A post shared by EMMA EMIKA GRANT (@emma_mbo) on Feb 10, 2017 at 3:35am PST

Emma portrays Jay in the show. She is half British and half Thai. Her stunningfq1VE4B8uzv9g_*)ah&([email protected]!d$VBJ*@!M7DApRJlb appearance leaves us speechless.


I've missed you...with every bulYhnsN1ZF5rlo$)=!w(JU5ZlWJDA+tlbT1mBH_sPjyh-j(#n8jClet so far. #mboofficial

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Jeena D Natthacha Desouza(@jeenagena)

Jeena plays the part of Jeen_0&GC-_Eu+4ek5JFR!_X=+PS)6%AfAIJrlF7Yh=Ku([email protected]Jeans. Before becoming an actress, she is was a famous fashion blogger.

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Source: Instagram

Check out the best moments of from The Underwear:


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