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If you are a TV series fan, we are sure that you have already watched some of our recommendations. For those of you who have not, here we have 5 hot lesbian series that will make you fall in love with their couples and characters.

1. Supergirl

Source: TheBitBag

Everyone knows the story of Superman but no that of Supergirl, its spin-off released in 2015. This time, the leading character is superman’s female cousin Kara Danvers. She fights with terrorists, defends her own values, and protect the city she lives in, National City – that’s the main plot of the show. Still, what makes the ladies go crazy is Kara’s adoptive sister Alex Danvers’ relationship with one of the newest characters Maggie Sawyer. Alex Danvers used to be cool and calm until she meets Maggie Sawyer in season 2 and she becomes a train wreck...

2. Rosewood

Source: Twitter

Rosewood is a police procedural drama series. It tells the story of a pathologist named Rosewood finds the secrets dead bodies hide to help bring justice. But today’s article is about Rosewood’s sister, Pippy, who works as assistant in Rosewood’s laboratory and the DNA expert, Tara. The two of them were ready to make if official and get married in season one. Unfortunately, one of them cheats on the other and events drives them apart. It is not until season 2 that they get back together. Their drama tells the hard truth that lesbians also suffer from the fickleness of love.

3. Jane the Virgin

Source: AfterEllen

A young, faithful catholic girl, Jane, is told by her grandma that she cannot have sex until she gets married.47%ow@ViD$6n!pmi^Y-@T-wJ*yHim0=eks2OfXm^ooa$=VKjT0 However, she accidently receives artificial insemination and her life turns upside-down.

The guilty part in all this is Jane’s doctor Luisa. She finds out that her wife cheats on her, which makes her utterly distressed. So, when Luisa is performing a check-up for Jane, she misunderstands that Jane is a patient that wants to receive artificial insemination. When the damage is done, Luisa has no choice but to ask her ex, Rose, for help, which will bring them both close again…

4. Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black was released back in 2013, while it last season just came out last June. This show is well-known loved by plenty of fans worldwide. The story centers around Piper who helps her ex-girlfriend Alex to move black money but gets caught and sent to jail. Piper, filled with hatred, sets Alex up. Coincidentally, they end locked up in the same prison, and this is where their affair starts again.

Orange Is the New Black uses plenty of genre elements such as lesbian sex, jail drama, and feminist portraits of women who have been wrong and repressed by the patriarchal society.

5. Sense 8

Source: Netflix

8 characters from different countries and parts of the world suddenly link mentally, and have a spiritual connection. Sense8 is an American science fiction series, which has drawn a lot of attention since season one. The most well-remembered scene is the magical man-to-man, woman-to-woman, and man-to-woman orgy. You can sense the pure desire of human sexuality reflected on the actor’s faces. The scene also showcases that sex is simpler than we thought; there is no difference between men, women or transgender people.


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