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Thailand’s new government [email protected]+ALZABA)MSXZG2rqdfA*SsZdJeWL4vFLKOObWd&UydaEXis going ahead with a controversial civil partnerships bill.

The bill, first proposed by the ruling mili4E%nx7O=^[email protected]*+ZRSV4#7nj+z^Kf7pMs=pYkkT_*ctary junta in December last year, would make Thailand the second country in Asia, and the first country in Southeast Asia, to recognize same-sex unions.

But, the LGBTI rights groups have spoken out aghdpTZAdg$*[email protected]!Jx+fuR)mxnQS#%MR1u3OW&A7LkPAR_i_ihSainst the bill since its first inception.

They say the bill offers limited rights to the LGBTI community and e3Wt2ce-32E^q*_3T8sT%FVF8Bvv4=$8=U$d*dgO3w7UEN4El*=nshrines inequality.

According to Voice fo America, Thailand’s Justice Minister Somsak Thepsutin said at a forum in Bangkok lyjOt7gC+dviY8Z5)N416#%8J#g=3QbW4fzyrm7T6=HGjVsHgV2ast week that the bill's fate would be "decided by public sentiment.”

The new government, elected in widely-disputed els(OjTglUbv9#[email protected]*a#*Bev-O#qTmPPg9ections in March, will press ahead with passing the Life Partnership Bill following public consultations.

VOA reports a YouGov survey of 1,000 people in. Thailand pubqjuo^puK^2EeBRWYz#^2-DgE#1nRTTsN^jOX1LOkiS-qKb)5%Nlished in February found strong support for same-sex civil unions in Thailand. 

It found 63% ofAyx01ob1&sjt!l-WAD-zQ*eX)9zP^hLr+kaq_6AR_heqPR=e^b those quizzed were in favor of the bill, while only 11% were against.

But, the LGBTI community and rights activists have largely rejuwDWk-ivCx=jM$anR([email protected])08FC=1aW%^RqqPY=(P7n0rNFected the bill.

Thailand’s first transgender member of parliament slammed th[email protected](X)[email protected]*sA4%iBRZeCVqF$L5j88e country’s civil union bill after she was elected earlier this year.

Tanwarin Sukkhapisit said the bill "misXOxr_x#_oZq%[email protected]!Ky3%RcuKp9Q2#yCTpnx&8U_zt!yses the target”.

"[Equality] is one thing that [this law] will definitely not achieve. The civil union bill actually serves to widen the rift rather than bridge it because it contradicts the basic premise that we’re all equal” she told the Isaan Record.

The law would give same-sex couples the right to register, own and inherit property together. Thei8lY^[email protected]!$5%pmd)FEPcGKrpk^VOqTP2zDvE#xFE!4Hy can also make joint medical decisions.

But, it does not give EbII6oAN(6eUOFf*zHt_Y([email protected](KnXdUsame-sex couples the right to adopt or have a child together. Thailand’s Civil Code would keep marriage as between one man and one woman.

Taiwan in May became !!zNuBF+h**8dpm8-kwq+e$R0gWbZyeKqnw!6TnT-ZaK9N!W%6the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

The final draft of the bill was %sFcH-Lj7)$E9hfB76qbOg^8qceh#@hkgNXIc0e&QGNr!Exsq)largely accepted by the LGBTI community as a compromise.

It affords the majority of rights available to opposite-sex couples. IR7ZDszQ%!IlDpI2VrMJ+o!vwW-5skwE*A)G#(^PGvLRWTh+i7kn a referendum in November last year, about 70% of voters said they preferred a separate law to give same-sex couples rights rather than a change in the Civil Code.

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