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China’s largest and old+6T29X0H$FMYN%C7qWUBX=ge1(sNQ9P2sPgzIPLPqO=%al2Xh5est LGBT pride event, Shanghai Pride, is urgently fundraising cash after being slapped with a large fine by local authorities.

“Every year, we have faced and also overcome countless obstacles and challenges,” organizers wrote on GoFundMe.

"Unfortunately, today we are facing the BIGGEST challenge in our 11-year history – a b@fM$T3$+lkX(T8fWK9UZqS!1OObU(R+qCnwg^S(-(u!ASMkf78ig fine.”

Organizers haIk#iYEWHqz0jLEw-wC^cN+thb6#[email protected](f$-5d=ULpsve been forced to pay a large amount of money in a very short time due to new regulations slapped on one of their major "cultural” events.

They have called on anyone who had been positively impa+BMlYoqA2=wY=QlQRP-6k!IiK-(BDfF*Qk(w%E%s7WeFrWhR7&cted by a Shanghai Pride event or who believed in their movement for diversity, inclusion, and acceptance, to donate.

"We are asking our Shanghai and Global community of LGBTQ individuals and allies for support in this time of need” the Gon1B4%mxq6xHYjg6iKy$SzoA#uAlc^O1$ma$zz9BA6tOzbJra*aFundMe says. "We now need solidarity more than ever.”

As of Monday afternoon, Shanghai Pride had raised $521 of their $12,000 goal.

Shanghai Pride made history in June 2009 when it became the first mass LGBT even25NnIR^ndJB%Czq0F^@jkBmh+cpsh^8y*IR=RB_bnpI!VMJrfXt to take place on the Chinese mainland. 

Earlier this year it celeX=(U%qH1^[email protected]_sK_CPGcx&FP4rWk=l3%zYOQZ-7brated its 10th anniversary with a rainbow bike ride and a number of art exhibitions and film screenings.

The 11th event was scheduled to take place_his*etu#+rJIr0OKRd+zs1&(*+4J7LuO3v)q8CXh!_95e*$QH in spring next year.

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