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Many flight attendants have beautiful and delicate faces, but who says flight attendants must have a standard or typical beauty? Handsome Thai flight attendant Bhoori Opor Tejavanija jumped away from the traditional impression and engaged in the aviation industry with a neutral style, which makes her popular in Thailand because of her handsome appearance.

Opor dreamt of being a pilot but accidentally became a flight attendant. Year’s ago, she accompanied her friends to an air-hostess audition TV show. She accidentally got into the tS4N4g-Ug=!4v_Lx&G17Z5YYd*[email protected]&Tl&ZcOroqnop 15 and was given a job as a stewardess at Thai airline, Nok Air.

After graduating from Bangkok University, she continued to pursue self-education and got into another top-ranking university, Chulalangkorn, to study Psychiatry. Opor can also speak EnglkUBTv*wSy3Ql=([email protected]%ME71%KoMtLP9Iish well, which is handy for her job as a flight attendant. 

Opor never liked to wear skirts or high heels or put on make-up. But, as the role of female flight attendant requires these things, even thougY&XK_WkyAjoS6h#gwyc8iv&cxi)@1#3$ca=$DUvx+LEVLrINK9h she is uncomfortable, she does her best. 

Opor recently gained her pilot’s licence and is longer restricted to the uncomfortable flight attendant dr%jb^SD_=4&tO23xv5XaWR$_FazruL(KPd4nge6yuh-Wm4!#lA8ess. Unfortunately for those of you swooning over her, Handsome Opor already has a girlfriend. Jariya Rachomas is a well-known Thai internet beauty guru with pretty features and flawless skin. They perfectly complement one another to become one of Thailand’s most famous internet couples.

Handsome Stewardess, a romantic-comedy featuring a good-looking tomboy lesbian who starts a new life as a flight attendant, premiered in Taipei on Tuesday (15 October). 

TheMd7IOVwGqsTPLQ2*6KBYbyP62Yj&3i*&Chk4L1pSP6IidEI)$a movie award-winning actresses Pejia Huang and Xiao Man as a freshly-met Singapore-Taiwan couple.

Man’s character, a butch lesbian bartender in coastal Taiwan, Holly, unexpectedly falls for a petite but feisty Singaporean, Mong Lian, who is a national athlete in martial artsUZU&t!8-8T^q2R2E3fTmxSsQ=L6ong3#EvZ2(Gt*SgTfnoJGax

"Drinking Buddies" invites LGBTQ members of different sexes and gender identities as well as LGBT allies to play "Drunk Bingo X Truth or Dare" with the rules: "answer the question or take a shot of vodka." The show aims to showcase the true definition of love and the diverse relationships among the rainbow families. Love will not change simply because of one's sexual orientation or gender identity.

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