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Many flight attendants have beautiful and delicate faces, but who says flight attendants must have a standard or typical beauty? Handsome Thai flight attendant Bhoori Opor Tejavanija jumped away from the traditional impression and engaged in the aviation industry with a neutral style, which makes her popular in Thailand because of her handsome appearance.

Opor dreamt of being a pilot but accidentally became a flight attendant. Year’s ago, she accompanied her friends to an air-hostess audition TV show. She accidentally got into the top 15 and was given a job as a stewardess at Thai airline,[email protected]!P2&&(EYRmCf7MH6ESQxj+&6j0y%k= Nok Air.

After graduating from Bangkok University, she continued to pursue sel[email protected]#q8QAfgMJEN!CPKJFT5fZ-YmKSENm)mbwVN7C$!rLJDf-education and got into another top-ranking university, Chulalangkorn, to study Psychiatry. Opor can also speak English well, which is handy for her job as a flight attendant. 

Opor neU1vycr9+N1eejYDa9XrVr_IOb6!cGWmv(rbrDvcL0iQa!0d!PXver liked to wear skirts or high heels or put on make-up. But, as the role of female flight attendant requires these things, even though she is uncomfortable, she does her best. 

Opor recently gained her pilot’s licence and is longer restricted[email protected]%)kN)*[email protected]^lViZW+r to the uncomfortable flight attendant dress. Unfortunately for those of you swooning over her, Handsome Opor already has a girlfriend. Jariya Rachomas is a well-known Thai internet beauty guru with pretty features and flawless skin. They perfectly complement one another to become one of Thailand’s most famous internet couples.

Handsome Stewardess, a romantic-comedy featuring a good-looking tomboy lesbian who starts a new life as a flight attendant, premiered in Taipei on Tuesday (15 October). 

The movie award-winning actresses Pejia Huang and XiarQJ$%9UCiAo#[email protected]=hZj&+r)YtscT([email protected]o Man as a freshly-met Singapore-Taiwan couple.

Man’s character, a butch lesbian bartender in coastal Taiwan, Holly, unexpectedly falls for a petite but feisty Singaporea_M4e*Xc4TP1R#Tu8C=kQiIVUJcZ5iuLw4PyXLAF0A)-RO52J(Pn, Mong Lian, who is a national athlete in martial arts. 

Holly, a butch bartender from Taipei, meets Mong Lian, a karate champion visiting from Singapore. It is love at first sight but the distance between Taiwan and Singapore soon becomes their biggest obstacle.
Watch Handsome Stewardess on GagaOOLala.

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