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More than 200,0r$CkKz71xVh^WH+GVbyV*HAk4d=$_x4Pr!aEMClrt=rVStDWNp00 members of the LGBT community and their supporters marched, paraded, and danced across downtown Taipei on Saturday.

Organizers said the parade, which was the first since Taiwan legalized same-sex majmZ*^[email protected]$l-PEaABkj8xKAWD-rcob!rriage, was the largest-ever in Asia.

Local entrepreneur and ga=Y%WtY7CMPUJX#%&atE*&pikYP5ri%P$G16L8HwsDZ$nx)4+LGBT activist Jay Lin said the experience was “very memorable”.

He said walking down Zhongxiao East Road was amazing and compared it to his experience of walking down Fifth Avenue for WorldPride in New Yj)RIcK)!S%7n&PlwdpnB*ALHjXLZHSyzab#IQfQcZ4B$x^qXVgork earlier this year.

"T[email protected](Kv5ev_NQQ)n*p8evoAPy!)q1HQ)Mhese two streets represents the main arteries of the city, and to be given the clearance to march is the strongest statement the cities can make to give the LGBTQ community the stamp of legitimacy."

Taiwan's 17th annual Taiwan Pride kicked off with a Rainbow Market of more than 100 LGBT6Q!jp%dZeRR=)B0U#^Airm-1jlVta8yg-AI4sbav+URqP2zq%v-friendly businesses and organizations at Taipei City Hall Plaza.

It ended 5.6km across the city ou-8BX#@21x!5pPU7vRBk=tVpCBfEmCsbOB2hSK!*$_YPY=OYJ8ytside the Presidential Office on Ketagalan Boulevard where performers—including gay singer Hush—performed. 

Some 180 different groups anqfS#b47yTAKkGH722+*6OPqWw0GHHWX&)h*0%bcNLQ&mMAtAH2d 24 floats took part in the march, according to organizers.

The pa[email protected]+CVjcFiTTKvly99yp#!%PRg1A^4jYum2qkVIXsGkR1rade was the landmark event in a month of LGBT across Taipei. Hundreds attended screenings, exhibitions, and workshops throughout the month, including the country's first trans pride parade on Friday evening.

GagaOOLala’s float this year hosted the director and actors of web series, Handsome Stewardess. The romantic-comedy featuring a good-looking tomboy lesbian who starts a new life as a flight attendant.

Award-winning actress Xiao Man, who plays the stewardess, renowned director Zero Chou, and Kenny J. Kuo, who plays a gay best friWDCH+=jz9Ve)hf6VH2#GDmE*[email protected]%YVMnend, all donned rainbow attire and greeted other marchers.


Gay singer-songwriter HUSH, performed at a concert to mark the end of the lot4hMpCYj9iw!Qspm2)6#WyMCLbaoWns-axlfq)#kpcFm0Tzb4+ng parade across town.

As one of only a handful of Taiwan celebrities to come out publicly, HUSH, whX!m7z-wr8-Eq5&OZEs9+=OgwXzPqAGJm9NL%fDxty*[email protected]ose real name is Chen Jia-Wei, on Friday urged LGBT Taiwanese to be brave and come out.

Pride this year, the first since Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize s2([email protected]$LwG#h$$fXrRAYQxNy%qNOMzr^ame-sex marriage, saw an altered parade route.

Marchers started from Taipei City Hall Plaza and travelled along Yixian Road to Zhongj80SgcHuK$-SmiI+HIFVS5FW#bzbsZ^[email protected]$J4#@M1ORsxia East Road.

The parade then turned south to Renai Road before ending near the Presidential Palace at Ketagalan Boulevard where there will pJiepH4ahlLFSGOgK-)!hiwperf(g0^[email protected]!4eRFRbe a Rainbow Market with more than 100 stalls.

Press officer for Pride 2019, Benson[email protected][email protected] Lee, said the new route was chosen to recognize the roles played by both Taipei City and the President’s Office in bringing about same-sex marriage.

For the first time, Taiwan Gay Family Rights Promotion Association will also hBU&r7JV0Sc)!=kM-)&TPLW$mO)[email protected]^DRmUBQ4qTs4M-old the first Rainbow Parent-child Carnival and Rainbow Baby Mini Parade.

This year takes the themeLq3n%[email protected][email protected]^2ZsAGu%(@YJhU "Together, Make Taiwan Better”.

The theme in Chinese means good neighbor. It was chosen to show that the LGBTQ community is evlezDXEFfuKdU6HQw%d=)^bcerE21BlNzR^q54iomd69)NywUS(erywhere in Taiwan and, like good neighbors, everyone should support one another.

Last year#tD!$%L1#X3YFGmSaeuv6EDyr(oo-(R7z1UdM6j5Ysrqs4O-$-, more than 100,000 people took to the streets of Taipei for a pride parade that demanded marriage equality.

It came just a month before devastating referendum results showed the majority of Taiwan voters did not s_1=(OeGFI=4MDyOSxMN-2Upa1H=!9En!cviaWePK97Cy^1kWkyupport same-sex marriage.

Despite the referendum result, parliament in May finally legalized same-sex marriage in line with a 2017 Constitutional Court ruling that failin[email protected]#NAaN4Ds=izek(g%%[email protected]!_QlkSyvN41WFSwUKg to do so was unconstitutional.

This year, according to organizers, the LGBT rights movement has moved to thsR+8Nb2Z1K!+nUYlr*EDs=5FOql828xhODjGFL+3RXxxku!iTVe next stage and will fight against prejudice and stereotyping of LGBT people.

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