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Hong Kong LGBT activists in Canada have launched a petition ^%^Ty4f7owGc3w4V0i^dx(-76l#y9#IOCu0z1F0%ZPATH8go*6after they were pushed out of the Montreal Pride Parade.

Organizers of a petition say this iwhEGdpl=LOiuwrCx3kgG*ju30Se7zy=BG1Vv+JJIBn3It_I##was the sixth attempt in recent weeks by pro-China groups to disrupt peaceful assemblies/rallies held by Hong Kong-Canadians.

 Montreal Pride told HK activists it had received infn2Xap)+6j%2)MU^spipw(6$8A!zlgabG2T(EeH-xoos$2FF8rEormation from police about "a potential attempt to sabotage the parade by pro-Communists” because of their inclusion in the march.

"Indeed, it seems that some groups would like to intervene in the parade to 4!zh-)%d1(CXEHe8fVOlZgWaSFH^0*a&N8i@0%sn5F5_yq^Af7protest against your participation."

"Given the presence of public figures … we unfortunately have to remo9)(xi92zt0s!J5-89ybE6+$gQHOA=@ZKAIU2PZMSVn(eS&9-^zve you from the parade for security reasons," organizers said in an Aug. 17 email, seen by GaLaTai.

"Disappointed and hurt"

Co-founder of the Hong Kong group, Free HK MTL, Henry Lam told GaLaTai they were "very disappointed and hurt".

"We got removed just because we were bullied. Where's the inclusion and diversity the Pride is promoting?" he asked.

The grouh!h#-LdVPUWoNzHmBkVWjU7T2h!x@z6e+&8aqPu6ml8zj+C5=Np held a separate demonstration in a park in lieu of attending the parade.

More than 150 people dressed in0RDMZEbUBsv!4i9_-+ZzH3q3)ga&rZ1b&k=5TESnMR&kZK8bwT red, holding 5-star flags of China and singing the Chinese national anthem were spotted at the parade, according to the page.

The reportedly walked along the parade route searchiDOs!jHP2GWGG+EE)+Lgxucvulp=AdSSl#edY+Ef1bxppdfZQO-ng for the Hong Kongers.

The petition calls on the Canadian government to uphold the right to freedom expression an=Y+(Z&1(hLjx8eJ@wxOU_gSgNjAEzs40ALRztK6)qkyjBEnRqHd to investigate pro-China patriots’ threat to public safety in Canada.

"The LGBTQ community is a part of the world" Lam explained. "This is essential to let the city and the whole world to be aware that, the LGBTQ people care about the universal values like freedom and the right to express themselves from Ob5GzFxwCA4*1BICixD0@E4JsA689R)MKDj5P$TzDQg5W7brg5anywhere in the world, including HK."

Hong Kong has seen weeks of pro-democracy demonstrations which were prompt!INRVE3vG)$UjqB(fD=p%8S0uYby53b$Ko6MdyeHO^!bBnyox=ed by a controversial bill permitting extradition from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland.

Prominent LGBTI rights activists including Denise Ho, who grew up in Montreal, and lawmaker Ray Chan, have also been at the forefront of democracy proteYB^6!qJObh-rM!!l$5V#o#3AUg-DnG7@idtNtQM8TD-w)SNoflsts in Hong Kong.

Many people NXy&a3*FyoEI*35s@5K5B&P+utJ2W9zqN)6VSw=MB$hYTriuW)on the mainland see the demonstrations as a rejection of China’s sovereignty over the city.

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