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An event in SingaplWCmnWovcXRZSG^MrCO&P2W3AM4Vq4CM2$zZ4^[email protected]#zdore is hoping to help LGBT Singaporeans struggling to find somewhere to live.

In Singapore, where gay sex is illegal, LGBT people are oN3tbT_xEQI&wYo_KP74g+*5bo*aLBE-mI^INF2+JoXYxU_jm3iften pushed from family homes and do not qualify for government housing.

"Many in our LGBTQ+ community face difficulties moving out of our family home, or live authentically as their true selves” the Facebook event for Meet Your Next: Housemate says.

The event, organized by LGBT app Prout with real estate firm, will connect LGBT-friendly landlords, tenants, aVIH2YtA-&XK5rgUqB+TBRZdDKYkKODzBODS-Eu56!)#H1XZAZYnd people looking for housemates.

The event includes a Speed-Mating Cafe, to connect attendees with potei69wu0!+!vA(!R_orymEK!s*28+42JAGWU^Wm_8J9Tv%IGSkVzntial housemates.

"We hope that this event lets landlords know that queer people do want safe spaces to live in and providing anti-discrimination clauses ensures that more people, not just queer people, would be interwz&F*sxNJE#bV^SqO-0MZyUXsPbN_1_([email protected])@$qxsyq+$Ugested to pick their home as the place they want to stay at" said Kyle Malinda-Whit of Prout.

Pushed out

According to Singapore’s 2016 National Youth Council Survey, 97% of unmarried young peopleApJZgf_Z20L=!3-!_C7r5+P(#1R(Twd)e-Ed$n_pIF4Hc_h*5- live with their parents.

But, conservative attitudes centred on a heteronormative family can push LGBTI+5YhWuIc(fPG)9OcuLe4$cT#haef*[email protected]#)=0+y&#uqiK Singaporeans from their family home.

What’s more, while Singapore’s government provides generous IRl0cKEh4Bz*R9V40*N%vaZqzV*[email protected]$*@TA_subsidized housing, it effectively excludes LGBTI individuals.

Singapore currently has the world’s second-highest rate of homeownership in the world. This is partly because of a generous gov5-Ckp_kCIb17YmOSDHR3mFMhKa6cfx#EPib(M$E8Y$9adcMBVIernment housing program.

The government allows young married heteros[email protected]$TBUfP%!*B0!wDqn0zcLsAE_3sSs&jexual couples to apply for grants at the age of 21. But, the policy excludes LGBTI residents.

Only married heterosexual couples can easily buy a government-subsidizeda^OcX%[email protected][email protected]^E&V apartment.

LGBTI individsgcJ5*CNR%[email protected]@p2In7JjcZJvAc=0A$hkw9US(wC)Wuals — even couples — are only eligible for single person schemes at the age of 35.

"Queer couples ... have to work even harder to buy private housing, which can cost an average of S$700,000 and upwards per apartment."

Finally, without anti-discrimination legislation to protect ind#MJqH9Evz$kuxl8cmL4APCf=v6YO*[email protected]$ne+t39T_3=tLeNTividuals in the private renting market, LGBTI tenants are at risk of abuse by homophobic or transphobic landlords.

"Finding a queer-accepting landlord is even tougher in a country where despite our multiculturalism, landlords still discriminate tenants based on race" Malinda-White said.

Organizers of the event, Prout, launched the app late last year.

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