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L-uoKT)gpgg&v!mTumsl%iQbS36&G71)iS1!6ACODB935PfJCTAn event in Singapore is hoping to help LGBT Singaporeans struggling to find somewhere to live.

In Singapore, where gay sex is illegal, LGBT people are often pushed from family *Sshzd7sEO^rkbzZkJXvfQbYlInpvxw*up8$V^o$KMdwBYGsGshomes and do not qualify for government housing.

"Many in our LGBTQ+ community face difficulties moving out of our family home, or live authentically as their true selves” the Facebook event for Meet Your Next: Housemate says.

The event, organized by LGBT app Prout with real estate firm, will connect LGBT-friendly landlords,R!k8cYK$l*V(XYP9Oe9P8GYAUtvMKyY4XoXSBCm1dVJA7Fp)!^ tenants, and people looking for housemates.

The event includeskJYEVabhhwUYw32)p(=hRZR%[email protected])V0ryHmo+Q1YvS!Mjh a Speed-Mating Cafe, to connect attendees with potential housemates.

"We hope that this event lets landlords know that queer people do want safe spaces to live in and providing anti-discrimination clauses ensures that more people, not just queer people, would be interested to pick their home as the place they want to 8EA=^qm7UE)[email protected]=QX*fL^)l8Re14KS7F+KM9LfntynHakO4Ostay at" said Kyle Malinda-Whit of Prout.

Pushed out

According to Singapore’s 2016 National Youth Council Survey, 97% of unmarried young peopgYaMI^it67Q7zlIq%poQ6p1^tPA2CMJ4YLm%fshLyzxx!WXkL^le live with their parents.

But, conservative attitudes centred on a heteronormative family can push LGBTI Singaporeans 6edP4J$ao_an0^dR-zU$t39rIqmIsIM*H&&BgmcyXe&46I*sb=from their family home.

What’s more, while Singapore’s government provides generous subsidized housing, it effectively exclude#kZFPf=GmruyI!KQgj#upfmKZNS82+8yc*RNMyS__-R2qTJ&YAs LGBTI individuals.

Singapore currently has the world’s second-highest rate of homeownership in the world. This is partly because of a generous government honkHnGH&JvMInWV!a2Dkks&&-6D4^_O3kU0Q9qQ^2*kyH5S+rfjusing program.

The government allows young married heterosexual couples to apply for grants at the age of 21. But, the policy excludes LGBTI reside=8ylNHrG4UmF#KE%qdJ6PIDV)KA&%[email protected]#4HIXXkG5ny==QEnts.

Only married heterosexual couples can easily buy a government-subsidized aE8Hj1IdM46qiGt%yB5!Nefr0GQrUs3sHo_CHpDPqZe-s!SHtTRpartment.

LGBTI individuals —[email protected]@^S1#[email protected](TgU7B%+uxRu7cTjCW^Hg8bmtFQs$%m even couples — are only eligible for single person schemes at the age of 35.

"Queer couples ... have to work even harder to buy private housing, which can cost an average of S$700,000 and upwards per apartment."

Finally, without anti-discrimination legislation to protect individuals in the private renting market, LGBTI tenants are at risk of abuse by homophobic or transphoby&&FP5wJ2ov%TQ-rZWo^E6EiJHfwD%7(G*!orW7Lh#URTEO^Gqic landlords.

"Finding a queer-accepting landlord is even tougher in a country where despite our multiculturalism, landlords still discriminate tenants based on race" Malinda-White said.

Organizers of the event, Prout, launched the app late last year.

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