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Taiwan’s renowned LGBTI activist Chi Chia-wei has launched a campaign to encnEYt$Q19+H4D%JmXS*KjLKQsUt1fD9*g!G#cY9wl_WX4#qxc0Zourage regional leaders to legalize same-sex marriage.

Chi Chia-wei will give a replica of the pen XUH_qM4mx_6ec-o*T_6ePxt$8%N!+mR#[email protected])[email protected]+8%nnPpresident Tsai Ing-wen used to sign Taiwan’s historic legislation in May this year.

Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage on 24 May after parliament passed a [email protected]@&z4TM#u#uTX09KA_uNV_ecU$G$bill in line with a 2017 court ruling.

President Tsai gifted Chi Chia-wei the pen sS&ozSzL*KVhh+bxaXH([email protected]_BE$UC+tSnVaP7sYoAin^xhe used to sign the bill to recognize his decades of campaigning for LGBTI rights.

Now, Chi Chia-wei and the hasPYjJ0X0!dx7fe^QtTxW-mOcU1fo48W2WhzX4mnQZmh50m7^&uG created six replicas and named them the ‘pen of equality’.

Chi Chia-Wei will giUkSPhqUL&+=Q1x775rn&D$j*q&AXw2VfLe*[email protected][email protected]^vISft the Pen of Equality to Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

"My name is Ch[email protected]!5%[email protected]$X2lfs52xqjo0nCSWk8i Chia-wei and I have been committed to promoting same-sex marriage in Taiwan for the last 30 years" his message to South Korea’s leader Moon Jae-in.

"I am presenting this to you in the hope that you will share imQZ&+R%hc)QYpaIp-HQ&#mRteI+YJ$R3%$82!Ho*b_vqi7GZ0xn our ambition for marriage equality."

"We hop[email protected]%UjtIeHS(7z4w+Q4&Ix^+W5GB2$CM=siJe Taiwan’s progress in same-sex marriage can inspire other countries in Asia" Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan said in a Facebook post.

Regional rights

After years of court hearings, debates in parliament, and heartbreaking referendums in November $VD!+SJxKb_8Ad_eL^gZ0jp*^Q#nJg!)[email protected]*!zl#)*[email protected]last year, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to recognize same-sex marriages.

In the first month aloMPR=XK6*scO-oaAW!kjF9RuLpt&wLgJd5AMZO5%xtCCT8h)@KTne. 1,000 same-sex couples tied the knot.

Regionally, Thailand is the closest to equal marriage. A civil union bill drafted by the ruling Junta affords same-sex couples limited rights. But, local LGBTI GECivmXB0Tl%nOWs_PLPdLK!aXT8zSXh=jI(l2Ka9#FsZmI5z)rights activists have slammed it for failing to introduce genuine equality.

A similar ‘civil partnerships’ bill is being debated by the Philippines’36J&qhDh=2=(U=AurTqIJ&r&d+Fssn%Ch$xJ=RvH9+TfcqwmaY Congress.

Rights groups, meanwhile, have warned of deterioratSPm5vHeqOeoxgIY3lHU(xr)[email protected]=fo+iGA0Xiwf6XOing LGBT rights in South Korea. 

Recent increased visibility of the LGBT community has sparked a backlash from conservative Christians. Many LGBT pride 1Low2yY3uYn7jD-F(BjS&L9RGjTa_Fnwgx!E#UV61dO(tvFAzDevents have witnessed violent counter-demonstrations from anti-LGBT groups.

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