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Have you ever felt as if your heart belonged to someone else? To celebrate that this year’s queer Oscar contender Call Me by Your Name has been recently released in theaters, GagaOOLala has prepared the special film collection: “How Deep Was Your First Love?”. This nostalgic set includes 12 feature films related to first loves that, for sure, will bring your old bittersweet memories back.

Summer (2014)

In a warm Dutch town, 16-year-old Anne and her friends spend the summer riding around the area in their bicycles and enjoying themselves. One day, a mysterious woman from the city, Lena, shows up to this small village and quickly becomes Anne’s first love. However, the residents in this area are still quite conservative: if Anne wants to make a change, she has to challenge people’s perception of same-sex love, and this summer she is ready for it.

Barash (2015)

17-year-old Naama Barash hangs out with her crappy friends all the time until she meets a new girl in school and they fall in love. For the first time, she finds meaning and purpose in life. However, her sister suddenly goes missing and Naama’s parents are desperate. Her relationship with the girl is also going down and Naama has to find a way to reach the balance between her lover and her family.

AWOL (2016)

18-year-old girl Joey has just graduated from high school. She has no career plan nor future expectations. Then, she meets a sexy married woman, Rayna, who changes something inside her. Joey cannot resist Rayna’s deadly temptation and they start an affair. However, Joey, clueless about life, decides to join the army. They keep writing letters to each other day by day until Christmas Eve arrive and Joey goes back home to take Rayna and her children and run away.

Hidden Away (2014)

A 14-year-old Moroccan boy Ibrahim is currently living in Spain, but he is about to be deported. He feels lost and desperate, and decides to run away. During his journey, he meets another boy, Rafa. The two of them become very close and their desire for each other is evident. This is their first taste of love but they still need to hide their feelings for each other in front of other people. Will their love story have a happy ending? How will they break away from the limits of their reality?

Holiday (2014)

16-year-old boy Juan Pablo travels to the countryside with his parents. Accidently, he finds out his family is colluding with the corrupt police force to lynch the aboriginals living in that area. What nobody knows is that Juan is in love with an aboriginal boy named Juano, who has recently become friends with. This clash between family and love will divide Juan’s heart. Holiday presents a disturbing yet beautiful LGBT teen story.

Seashore (2015)

Commanded by his father, Martin goes to a small town in southern Brazil to deal with his debts. His best friend, Tomaz, accompanies him in this journey. But their relationship will gradually change into something else during this trip. Their desire is like the tides rising in their hearts. When Martin reveals his family secret, he also embraces his true self and develops a deeper connection with Tomaz. The story is sincere, inspiring, and close to everyone’s heart.

Blue is the Warmest Color (2015)*

Teenage Adele meets a girl with blue hair, Emma. Her whole world shifts completely after that day. The sexual attraction between the two of them is one of the most powerful forces in the history of cinema. But their different backgrounds and social class slowly and secretly tears them apart.

Carol (2015)*

An aspiring photographer, Therese, is working as a clerk at a department store. One day, she meets Carol, an upper-class lady who comes to shop at Therese’s store. They soon fall in love with each other despite their differences. However, this affair threatens Carol’s guardianship of her daughter due to the jealousy of her husband. Will their relationship have a good ending after all the obstacles?

The Way He Looks (2015)*

Leonardo is a cute young blind boy that has a very special wish for his 17th birthday: he wants to give his first kiss to the right one. However, his parents’ overprotection and other troubles present in his life make him run away and escape. While on the run, he meets a gorgeous exchange student named Gabriel, who slowly walks into his life and lead him to “see” the shape of love.

Night Flight (2014)*

Their relationship seems too complicated, but the smiles on their faces when they first see each other explain everything. Star student Yong-joo falls in love with school rogue Ki-woong. Yong-joo gets continuously bullied by others and but Ki-woong stands up for him and challenges the other boys in the school as a symbol of resistance against the conservatism of Korean society. Will they break away adversity and find hope?

Boys (2014)*

15-year-old boy Sieger loves outdoor sports and decides to join the school track team. After the summer training camp, he soon realizes he is in love with another boy, Marc. One day, when they are playing around the pool, something happens between the two of them, it turns out Marc is also after Sieger. However, Marc’s determination seems to scare Sieger and makes him go away.

Tomboy (2011)*

10-year-old kid Laure moves to a new neighborhood with his family. Her masculine look leads her to be mistaken for a boy and in order to make new friends and not be considered a weirdo, she decides to dress like a boy and names herself Mikhael. Mikhael is straightforward, and bold. “He” is also attracted to a girl named Lisa, and they become best friends. But when the summer comes to an end, will Mikhael’s true identity be revealed?

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* Film only available in Taiwan.