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1. How did you two meet each other and, later, get together? 

Charlie: I remember it was a long time ago, I posted a picture on Facebook. It was two polaroids on the picture: one a picture of me, and the other a picture of me and my friend. Later that night, I got a private message from here saying, "could you give me that picture?" I was a bit weirded out and confused at the time, not knowing what was going on. I did not understand why this person with a childish username was messaging me, I had not even met or talked to her before, and she was asking me to give her my picture. Then, I also replied with a sentence that made no sense. I said, "do you like Mickey Mouse?" (the picture has Mickey Mouse decoration). That was how we started talking, and how I met her. 

Later on, we became friends on Facebook and started chatting or commenting on each other's page on and off. However, I was a fake hipster at the time. My idols were Cheer Chen and Faith Yang. She was completely the opposite type with the hot and dangerous vibe. I did not think there will be a future for us. Therefore, I did not try to put up with a charming image for her to fall in love with me. Quite the contrary, I realized how down to earth she is, and her openness to jokes. I started joking and teasing her without boundaries. As a result, I probably went too far with my jokes and she became my girlfriend as a payback. (ha)

source: Charlie Brown and Ling Ling  

Ling Ling: It was a long long time ago. I had nothing to do as a kid at that time. I would browse around the internet every day. One day, I stumbled upon her blog. Her simple and mature words grabbed my attention. As a silly teenager I was very attracted to her words. I could not tell why this person was special. She was already working, she had her own life, she can travel with her friends. For me, those were a grown-up things to do. That was what I dreamed to become. I saved that in my heart and checked on her sometimes, and that went on for two to three years. Yes, I am a creep. I tried to comment under her posts sometimes but did not get any reply. We were chatting after we got together and she told me that she saw me as a kid at that time and did not think anything further. 

I was so thrilled when I found her Facebook after a few years. However, I had a partner at the time, and I behaved till we broke up. I immediately added her on Facebook, and she accepted me! I only stalked her, I did not dare to message her or get to know her. You ask how we got together? I would go to fortune-tellers sometimes, as a horny teenage girl. The fortune teller told me that I could take the initiative and message her, and that there was going to be a spark. Soon after that, I dropped the bomb! I told her that I would like to have the Disney theme polaroid. That completely got her attention. She thought I was funny. That is how we started this teasing and joking conversation. I am not sure if it was affection, but I liked the way she talked and I felt that she was the mature person that would take good care of people, and she was bragging that she takes really good care of her girlfriends. Even though she is cold, she is also hilarious, she goes all out when jocking. She said she did not think of me as a potential girlfriend. Moreover, the childish type wa not her ideal type either.


Source: Charlie Brown and Ling Ling  

I did not think she would like me. I was scared to let her know that I liked her, even just a little. I was scared that what we had built would collapse. It took a year for us to get from chatting from time to time to texting every day. One day she said, actually... you are really cute. My first reaction was to tease her in order to hide my happiness. After that, our relationship became a bit interesting. Soon after that, she declared to me. The first sentence was, "do you want to come to my room?" Go big or go home! Therefore, we decided to meet up and held each other's hands. She was doubting this whole time whether she would tell me or not. Little did she know that the girl she calls a witch would end up being her girlfriend. I am glad that she told me that she liked me, or I would have struggled more than she did. I probably would not have told her anytime soon. I do not know if we would be together if we had not messed with each other like that.

2. What do you think is the most adorable part of each other?

Source: Charlie Brown and Ling Ling  

Charlie: People who do not know her might think that she is very cold, but she can also be dumb and cute if you get to know her a little more. I would not be okay if she was just purely dumb, I do not love dummies either. She becomes a different person when she starts working, smart and clear about things. It is such a big contrast, which I think is super cute. I like all her body, one of my hobbies is to stare at her and touch her all over. I touch wherever her skin is showing, the parts that are not showing, I would touch during the shower or before bed. I want to hold her in my hands all the time. I usually complain that sometimes she would not let me touch her, makes me so antsy! 

Ling Ling: Even though Charlie gives people a feeling of coldness and hard to talk to (proven by friends), she is hilarious when she is with me. She would be at maximum level of silliness. She makes me mad sometimes, sometimes she puts on a face and come to me and cuddle. Sometimes, I would tease her, she would laugh at me as well. These are all the adorable moments. The most adorable moment is when she makes me feel that she needs me. She calls my wifey and ask me to kiss and cuddle her. I like all her body. I like her face, I like her big hand holding my small hand, I like her long legs and white skin. It is so hard to choose one, I would be sad if there is any part missing on her body. 

source: Charlie Brown and Ling Ling  

3. What is the most romantic thing you have done for each other? 

Charlie: We are not the romantic type. We are completely ourselves in front of each other. It is fine if we fart, burp, or pick our nose. Moreover, I am the kind of person that can never keep a secret or surprise. I would want to prepare a present for our special days beforehand. When I go get the present for her, I can not hold the joy and show the present to her as soon as I but it! The most romantic thing I have done is probably the time we traveled abroad together. When she told me the places she wanted to go, I would do my homework and searched all the information beforehand. I am super patient when it comes to shopping and lining up. All in all, after so long together, that is the most romantic thing. 

Ling Ling: We are not the romantic type. But I cook for her very often. Nothing fancy, but I get compliments from Charlie most of the time. She likes my dishes. Therefore, the most romantic thing I have done for her is probably cooking dinner for her at home. 

Source: Charlie Brown and Ling Ling  

4. How do you hint to each other that you want to have some sexy time? 

Source: Charlie Brown and Ling Ling  

Charlie: I ask her if she is free directly. HAHAHAHA!

Ling Ling: Oh, we never beat around the bush. We state it directly. We are already an old couple, there is nothing worth hidding. HAHAHA!

Source: Charlie Brown and Ling Ling  

5. What do you fight over the most? How do you make up later? 

Charlie: They are mostly small things, and my memory is like a fish. I would forget what I was upset about. Not really a way to resolve it. Since we live and work together, it is boring if there is no one to talk to or have a meal with. Then I think, "alright! alright! don't be mad, I want to chat and have a meal together." Then I go and cuddle with her. 

Ling Ling: We flight over work or our attitudes the most. We would say mean words to each other when it is very bad. There is no way to solve it at the moment. We will have to give it time until we forget what we were both angry about. It is easy to lose patience when you have been together for a long time. We have had rational discussions many times, but there was no resolution. We all have our point and we are both right. We have been trying to understand each other this whole time, we try to let the other person know how we feel. The fight that is worth fighting for is the fight that you try to find a balance between the two.  

Source: Charlie Brown and Ling Ling  

6. You have your own clothing brand, S MOON LAB. Why did you want to step into the fashion industry?

Charlie: It was because her clothing business was booming. She was too busy. So I came down to help her. Later, I started to take care of the male clothing. 

Ling Ling: It was because of my hobbies in the beginning. I like pretty clothes and pairing outfits. It was a part-time job, but gradually grew into this. I did not think this would happen. I merely wanted to do something that is not too boring, so I would be able to support myself. Here I am telling everyone that the work seems glamorous, but do not have high hopes. What is behind the scene is endless computer editing and OCD. 

Source: Charlie Brown and Ling Ling  

Author: Charlie & Ling Ling 

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