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Lesbian couple Wen Qian and Shou Ting have been together for four and half years. Recently, they celebrated a wedding luncheon at the Grand View Resort in Beitou, Taipei. Wedding production crew “C&O Studio” posted some of the best of the ceremony on Facebook. The connection between the two girls, the tears of happiness of their parents, and blessings from everyone will make you cry for hours!

Wen Qian made a moving speech about her love for Shou Ting.

“I want to hold your hand and spend the rest of my life with you,” affirmed a teary Wen Qian. Shou Ting and she are just happy when they are together. She feels so lucky that she could meet Shou Ting, a kind and gentle soul. Both her beautiful looks and giving personality make Wen Qian think she is “the one.”

Wen Qian proposed to Shou Ting.

The maids of honor sent their requests to Wen Qian.

After fulfilling the maids of honor’s requests, Wen Qian and Shou Ting bid farewell to their lives with their parents whose eyes filled with tears. A same-sex wedding could face backlash from traditional families… But, how is their relationship different from straight couples’? Shou Ting’s father explained it with a metaphor. He said that “a man’s life is like taking a train,” and his daughter was about to get off, which made all relatives feel sad. He also said that no matter what difficulties they encountered in the future, family will always be their shelter. He even mentioned that he will grow many vegetables, and prepare good food waiting for his daughter to come home. Then, he gave his blessings.

Shou Ting’s father gave his blessing to his beloved daughter.

Shou Ting’s mother was worried about her daughter. At the beginning, she was afraid that no one would marry her. She was in pain, but she dared not to ask and pressure her. As the time had finally come, she broke out in tears. Her daughter was leaving her side but, of course, she gave them her blessing. She wants them to live a happy life, because if they were happy, she would feel the same way. Now, she has two daughters.

Wen Qian was thankful and promised that she would take good care of Shou Ting affirming “I will make her happy for the rest of my life.” Shou Ting thanked her parents for raising her in such a loving environment, which made her become an optimistic and enthusiastic person. No matter what decision she made, her family would believe and support her, even when she decided to marry a girl. This was one big thing that struck her family’s traditional minds and values. Yet, her family quickly gave her blessings and supported her.

Wen Qian’s father was happy for them, and announced, “I am going to have one more daughter.”

Shou Ting confessed that same-sex marriage is not an easy thing for her family. There are still many concerns for her future, pressure from other people… Everyone needs to let their emotions settle down. They still decided to accept it silently, so she could be a happy bride. Besides feeling thankful, she also said: “Getting married doesn’t mean that I am going to leave home. Instead, I want to share the love you guys gave me.”

Their opposite personalities made their journey tough.

In addition, their relationship had a rocky start. However, Wen Qian let her know that “when two people falling in love encounter problems, they should not give up so easily. Instead, they should make make an effort, face the problems and solve them together.” She also confessed to Wen Qian, “it was you who taught me that love is not changing the person you love into the one you want. Instead, they should accept each other’s difference.” Shou Ting also pointed out that she is very bossy and sometimes she does not take other people’s feelings into consideration. However, Wen Qian totally spoiled her, and accepted her flaws even while they were fighting, which made Shou Ting smile and joke: “I have to marry her. Hurry up!”

Their love finally had a happy ending.

Shou Ting also shared her coming out experience at the wedding. When she came out to her parents, she said: “I didn’t do anything wrong. I just chose a tougher path.” She believes that LGBTQ people are not different from straight people. All of them meet the right ones and fall in love in the same way. However, LGBTQ couples face more challenges and difficulties than straight couples. She said: “I don’t want to go out to the streets and fight for rights that every person should have. I want to be like everyone, fighting for who is responsible for running chores, whose hair plug up the drain hole… these kinds of trivialities.” She also pointed out that marriage is the biggest challenge. The marriage equality bill still hasn’t passed in Taiwan, so their marriage is not legal yet. They are still strangers in the eyes of the law. Even they have applied for the document, it is still illegal. So, she hopes her relatives can support this important step forward for the country.

Wen Qian and Shou Ting’s wedding was filled with happiness. Their family’s blessings also touched our hearts. Why such things that are casual and normal for straight people become valuable and priceless for same-sex couples? Queer people meet, fall in love with each other, but they do not have the rights to build a family. We also pay taxes and work hard. When will this change?

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