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Hundreds gathered in VietnczTH_JoBT=zBspzP5WhebM+0d4nMERYy=DyozQ^M3Npbvs07GMam’s Ho Chi Minh City for a pride parade this weekend.

On Saturday, LGBT Vietnamese and their allies walked kBrn$k+hnYw^f9NHkPo&XRj8kUE02gdw%AWk1Qpnn1YY(=cnATalong Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street waving rainbow flags and dancing.

The parade was one of a number of activities marking the 2019 VietPride. Thk4-Zv=5FwqJYe%%@HdXL^PWGM6Jn*pSh(ZknCYHj7N5sQ49Gioe national annual event shows support and campaigns for freedom, equality, and tolerance for the LGBT community in Vietnam.

Vietnam celebrated i[email protected](rM9I=&2wHxXP589b249YcdKlHbSt%sigts first Pride parade in 2012 and since then the celebrations have become bigger and bigger.

The country is one of the most open to tlND0Xie%4MgudNi558([email protected]==1q)qGFFnXTHC1q8UqUY#G*he LGBTI community in Asia. It is also believed to be one of the few in the world that never criminalized homosexuality.

But, Vietnam still does not recognize same-sex relationships. LGBTI couples do not have the same rights as hetewtDhBG4Q9*gde_v^[email protected](8_GWo+J5mudh^n*rosexual couples.

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