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Hundreds gathered in Vietnam’s Ho A(U%[email protected]$Ed^4ByyyoGgU=0*9cj&v&%LZAc5xS6n!(g2U8hJChi Minh City for a pride parade this weekend.

On Saturday, LGBT Vietnamese and their allAFBlSWctDkEx$4gK=oEEugf7e$#&m+-ZdUM*UMi$yKGm6h$vTYies walked along Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street waving rainbow flags and dancing.

The parade was one of a number of activities marking the 2019 VietPride. The national annual event shows support and campaigns for freedom, equality, and tolerance for the LGBT community i^p0(mmFj4Lla=Jwdq#a114E(6NqVz0zr)d&XCeNZnC^&=lJloPn Vietnam.

Vietnam celebrated its first Pride parade in 2012 and since then the *-pWL9$Z+8To%F^+(sEh9OOQ4tCn1u9p$dcRdjck(%81xe$fvacelebrations have become bigger and bigger.

The country is one of the most open to the LGBTI community2dbP9utf6IpaKzV)P(s*U0zySViBMXrXQK5izhOS7IorKS2Fm! in Asia. It is also believed to be one of the few in the world that never criminalized homosexuality.

But, Vietnam still does not recognize same-sex relationships. LGBTI couples do not have the same rig[email protected]=iozG5z_g^^8H+*Sd)Jd-iQtq%$!P$sB9ghts as heterosexual couples.

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