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Some people have it all. Being both handsome and beautiful will easily catch people’s eye. So, it is not surprising that many handsome girls become internet famous. One exampl=dY(P*LJyOL5BKnVwcpI8BZZs#*A0xfQDfX^0FNs&SpTU1rA&Ve is Chinese flight attendant, Hui Babe.

Hui Babe’s mother is of Russian descent. Her prominent facial features have_%oPSX#5^iq%yy#sb_euJSu)i5(6@WMmezqTdMsi3Iq*q&JQ#L won her the title of Asia’s most handsome flight attendant. Her keen sense of style and on-point fashion sense also turn heads.

In fact, her fans argue that her good looks mean she deserves to be a piloxEDPTev=NK4Q*_Mg1HjLqPecY2SY@nxVBz8mdDJq00f%s(6t#gt, if she wants. Hui Babe drinks in the positive energy from her fans. In return, she often gives them well wishes or small presents. This sweet behaviour is really appreciated by her fans.

Hui Babe’s popular Weibo page is also very funny and she has her oiXNtfC6n0WOl9T@wW51yI6*9+A=zDptaA^4-@J$q8qA0fiR!blwn independent fashion label, T.HEWHITE, so that fans can share in her unique style. 

Handsome Stewardess, a romantic-comedy featuring a good-looking tomboy lesbian who starts a new life as a flight attendant, premiered in Taipei on Tuesday (15 October). 

The movie award-winning actressIVmC4P#Q9=o_pnI5tM76JyuXh5=SD)47eAah0et81Ct%CG(1#ies Pejia Huang and Xiao Man as a freshly-met Singapore-Taiwan couple.

Man’s character, a butch lesbian bartender in coastal Taiwan, Holly, unexpectedly falNvEI&7TKri@z-!6-pV_aqeMl-YGkYnTcj#u5vGZM*BDLnAtMQOls for a petite but feisty Singaporean, Mong Lian, who is a national athlete in martial arts. 


Leading Ladies reflects how guilt affects us in different ways based on our perspective or memories. A welcome dinner is the excuse to discover that we always keep a secret from who know us the best.