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Kim Gyu-jin, a 28-year-old office worker in Sok47gICAgze-*AfAWrpVJ$JLM09e9+LFsHspF+kTn%nD5#$0r-huth Korea, recently received her company’s official congratulations and support for her same-sex wedding.

It is a rare example of support for LGBT relationships in South Korea, where rights activists warn the country is becoming less acceLlP#YKvETxPy5A&c&jQoT%tn0QHHjm&Z!FAPgRWg4g(3ij%_MWpting of LGBT people.

Kim shared details of her beach wedding and what her colleagues’ acceptanceLisI2H&&d7kZhe3!h8scVF&I0aCh&CTWjkG19WhgvWkr%^w*IW meant to her on her personal blog.

“I consulted with my team leader and sent an e-mail to the HR team”, she explained. “I was nervopM5uMz48S9-3C&hs$#xDTUt(NQP#D8J&^FH1NcDCxaOnOws^4cus.”

But, the reply she received was “happy marriage”. She said the only official documenteyDHo6+^!0T(ro_yNSKW*[email protected]_TxrGyVs^6(U4pBojJOT70d needed was a wedding invitation.

The pair officially married in New York. She said she hjxR%dUnG8OzFV_f7TYKAxQcgv&T8BZMvjEkGGjFJx4^@ynbmkchose the USA as they do not require citizenship or resident permits.

The certificate is, however, “useless” in South Korea, she explains. The coZPOz!FVfNT^)1V=kWMDEB4ZqmV!!LXO8+wVDxJt8)AJ^G+#Vdpuntry does not permit same-sex marriage or recognize foreign unions.

Kim also explained how moved she was other people’s accut8MTJ&RA%pE2g(+WPO2B^0#Q)R0jmRTKh([email protected]^@eptance. 

She has been out at work for the last two years and dreams of being an LGBT CEO like Apple’s Tim Cook. “I want to give LGBT people visibility and PrMelWDZwZkCqDdnZzd2hZ6pP9wkHSv&ujyZ1%#[email protected]influence society”, she wrote.

Homosexuality is legal in South Korea. But conservative attitudes, especially among Christians, force many LGBTI Ko*%-scZ$IZKe1=1_n=9x7UHfJJv7mwdGc)*sY4yNl!kN6HXU%70reans to live in the closet.

A 2017 Korean Gallup Daily Opinion poll reported 66% of 19-29 wp!%#)b7CNfrgmtVq0t33loC3DH!o7sKE*7)6EBrD189PdLLiPyear-olds supported same-sex marriage, but 76% of those over 60 opposed it.

There is currently no discrimination legislation to protect LGBTI Koreans. Protests against LGBTI events, usually led by conservative Christi&K%[email protected]#m45HI7fZ(NzF6S3e8!aOjeHbu-ieans, have become increasingly loud and violent.

W=^)=LaW0YJ7eYmVkJ)[email protected]!LtHcyL-uUd4o^-xoYt+8YfA3hat’s more, South Korea has ignored calls from international rights groups to end its anti-gay law for soldiers in the military.

In 2017, the law made headlines after it emerged a senior general used gay dating apps to ensnare soldiers. His s24SIxqYw-7$mwAs8klqsIcsmEq(PbDUW%p6b4FEf&4ux$6*@j0o-called ‘gay witch hunt’ reportedly revealed 50 soldiers.

(Photos: Kim Gyu-jin's Naver blog)

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