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Taiwan Pride 2019 is just around the corner.

The main event on October 26 is a march through the streets of Taipei, set to attract hundreds ofTB-ytu(oZ(6nWDe!nt#*DGsw34V^Tw=rT!_icYs2qt^)CF0nZG thousands of LGBTI Taiwanese and their allies from around the world.

But, for the first time, Taiwan Pride will also see a host of LGBT parties, talks, screenings, ATaR5HC)vBB9%KW4K=p#UK57apvjMO3C3F64JMaeIWuus8oCtdand pop-ups across the city and throughout the month.

We’ve compiled a guide of what’s going on here. But, if you need more inspiration, these lesbian InstWrN5uDW)8urf4wTegZATcK7ET!P#FhKa*#+w5I3-wyf9vMEX%Aragrammers are sure to be keeping you updated on where’s hot during Pride.

Amber Huang

Nick Yang


Miao Poya 



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