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The older sister starts flirting with her sister’s best friend while hanging out in a small village. They cannot help but give each other a passionate first kiss. Meanwhile, the younger one stays at home alone. She is so turned on when the family doctor comes to visit that tries everything to seduce him and have sex with him in the car. Argentinean film Atlantida (Inés María Barrionuevo, 2014) is a Berlin Film Festival award winner a film that exquisitely describes both sisters’ sexual awakening during an unforgettable summer.

Atlantida is about two girls: Lucia and Elena. They are at the right age to start exploring their own desires. During one summer afternoon, they both will fall in love with someone and try to follow their hearts. Lucia lies to Elena and takes her best friend on a ride. They keep making eye contact during the trip. When they are about to say goodbye, they cannot help each other and they share their passionate first kiss, a memory that will last a lifetime.

Staying at home by herself, Elena falls in love with the family doctor who comes visit her. When she is rejected, she even tries to seduce a driver to make him jealous. The tension between them build up. In the rain, alone in the car, the doctor touches Elena’s soft skin, arousing her. She immediately gives him a hug, and then…

The film is Argentinean Ines Maria Barrionuevo’s first feature film, and it was screened at the Berlin Film Festival. It is partially based on the director’s life who confessed that “I’m interested in relationships and the vulnerable moments where people show their desires. Sometimes we have to make a decision and there is no turning back.” Hollywood Reporter praised her work highlighting that “it successfully captures the speechless moments of youth.” Planet Nation defined it (and we agree) as “an attractive growing up story that makes you reflect on life.”

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