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As society is turning more open, we are already getting used to seeing many lesbian couples on the internet or in real life, including Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia, etc. However, when it comes to Korea, people do not seem to have an image of such a scene. If you have been to Korea, you will know that there are not that many girls having a more masculine look. 

As a matter of fact, Korea is still a relatively conservative society. People are very conscious about how people look at them and the impact on others. Therefore, homosexuality is still taboo. Not a lot of people are willing to openly come out of the closet in such a self-image conscious society, let alone showing PDAs. 

Nonetheless, there is a Korean lesbian couple on Instagram that has gone viral on the internet. Besides standing for their sexuality as Koreans, they are also a gorgeous dream couple. They are not afraid of how the public looks at them and of breaking away from society to be themselves.  

The wedding photo, Kim Dan (left), Hana Lee (right) / Source: Instagram

The two started dating back in April, 2012. Even though Hana Lee is more masculine, she did not wear a suit. Instead, she put on a dazzling wedding dress. What is more stunning that two girls in wedding dresses?   

Hana Lee in her wedding gown / Source: Instagram

Hana Lee is a multi-media producer / Source: Instagram

Kim Dan is a tattoo artist as well as a beauty and fashion vloger / Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Most of their tattoos are from Kim Dan’s / Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram 

Their interaction on Instagram is sweet and funny, sometimes they like to tease each other. You can see that they are a very loving couple, and they have a cat! 

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram 

They have even made a music video together. Let’s take a closer look at this fearless lesbian couple who are brave enough to embrace who they are. 

Kim Dan’s Instagram account: 116_dan

Hana Lee’s Instagram account: 21lee21

Source: Goody 25

Author: Matt