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Taiwan Pride 2019 (p($vyJopqB5ob$3*um73a9hL0MWUUtYfGVAA8)0iGCkdiY1R2is just around the corner and you need to know where to go to make the most of Asia’s most LGBT-friendly city. Below are of the best cafes, bars, and clubs to meet and mingle with people like us in this fantastic city.


Taipei’s best-known lesbian nightclub, Taboo, is popular throughout the weekend and on Wednesdays. It regularly hosts internationally-renowned DJs and t$s#km1*[email protected]_YD9kJFr4*9QWF_Ia-fU*=ATSO^sL9x$hemed nights.

No. 90, Section 2, Jianguo North Road, Zhongshan.

Love Boat

This shop-meets-cafe is dedicated to Taiwan's lesbian community. It sells books, magazines, underwear and sex i5)sGWLSc=aQ%Cj!*G=OQ=^P2x5vIBJjLqYcBxFc%qhP^Wo#2btoys and often hosts interesting cultural pop-up events.

No. 11, Lane 240, Sectiot_w6hd3f_Hw8ft^56lWJ-ws*yY*jLrjhHAKCy1v%tDL7TndHapn 3, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng.

Witch House

This über cool venue (the chairs are decorated with bras) serves delicious cocktails and holds regular jazz and other performance nights.

No. 7, Lane 56, Sec Three, XinSheng South Road.


Wonderbar is the venue of choice when ladies get a group together and want t^=24=hKFQVfL_hjX1VxsY$ws4tee_!jL77p-A2B2#sv^[email protected]o go party. The friendly bartenders, large cocktail menu, and delicious all-night food menu keep it busy throughout the weekend.

No. 28, Lane 147, Section 1, Jilong Road, Xinyi.


This Da’an queer venue is a [email protected][email protected]*GdTu%a)9kSg!Y%RmpQ3^U5zdxWpr8awb-7=DHSYsophisticated and intimate option to mingle with the LGBT community over a fine wine or custom-made cocktail.

No. 11, Lane 160, Section 1, Du5TFwqPdq8=cDr!R74__0piFwkVm3Hq88cBu($eGiXiJCm!wy$3nhua South Road, Da’an.

H*ours Cafe

We all know LGBT Taiwanese are keen on animals. At H*ours, you can while away an afternoon sipping coffee, indulging in a hearty breakfast and playing with the resident cats and dogs. H*ours proudly hires HIV+ staff to combat discrimination.

No. 12, Alley 8, Lane 210, Section 3, Luosifu Road, Zhon)h0wTypOvO+A3u4#M%sl0RPT*3MDNpJ4kiUfX9qz%_PGO7r^+_gzheng.

Gin Gin Bookstore

Established more than#[email protected]#I_!ZEs-4m5UiuUHE=93hViXBLf!Zi 20 years ago, Gin Gin claims to be the first LGBT-themed shop in Asia. These days, it still provides a host of LGBT novels, manga, movies and sex toys.

Alley 8,Hblg6JXo=gYTSQW8%k^jpDmlC-Tw8J(mm&W70mPo-7V4yrS51G Lane 210, Section 3, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng.

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