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摸哥(@biantaimo)分享的貼文 於 2017 年 9月 月 11 7:14上午 PDT 張貼

Kyon is a famous, and very knowledgeable, Youtuber with more than 260,000 followers. After becoming housemate with Biantaimo, a popular Instagrammer, fans have started following closely their interaction on Instagram. To everyone’s surprise, they started dating! And the internet has gone insane.

Kyon wrote on Facebook: “I am an ordinary person. I am shocked by how many people care about my relationship status.” The whole article has a mellow and calm tone, but you can feel so much love in between the lines. Kyon told how she found out her roommate Biantaimo would take sleeping pills at night, and she asked her if she was happy. Biantaimo’s answer really touched Kyon, and this is when she realized how important Biantaimo was to her. Kyon said, “It makes me truly happy when I see her. She is able to accept an asexual person like me. I want us to become lifelong partners and continue on this path.” This simple yet loving confession made her fans very happy. She said she is going to introduce Biantaimo to her family. 



摸哥(@biantaimo)分享的貼文 於 2017 年 9月 月 26 2:31上午 PDT 張貼

Source: Instagram, Facebook 

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Drinking Buddies invites LGBTQ members of different sexes and gender identities as well as LGBT allies to play "answer the question or take a shot of vodka." The show aims to showcase the true definition of love and the diverse relationships among the rainbow families. Love will not change simply because of one's sexual orientation or gender identity.

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