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Italian electro-pop duo, Gioli & Assia, who are also a same-sex couple, claim the  Malaysian government cancelled a Kuala LumpurKUfQI2E*mfK-u(c*5MwhCSN!ViKtQ^KYbm)k08dzWWyK*spLOp show this weekend because of their sexuality.

“We have to sadly announce that our show at W Hotel [email protected]^[email protected](%(Z-Belu4%qAowKzBh([email protected]+Rin Kuala Lumpur has been cancelled due to our LGBT orientation,” Gioli wrote in an Instagram story shared on Twitter.

Gioli explained that a government agenc*Zl#fchmhi#gL0Iv8z6B5FKHsVF2!3iCng0o3uByC*ywQC!nCJy performs background checks on artists performing in Malaysia.

“In their research, they have concluded thj04P3Kb$nt6jFywmXbWcxPjWqvrdQD9w_wB0((Kay9uaakzGv5at Gioli & Assia is of LGBT orientation and are seen to be promoting LGBT”, Gioli wrote.

“Sad that this can still happen in 2019. Sad that love is still a cause of discrimination. Sad.z2$4-isMl([email protected]=1U-TBzLB)foC169yB(wm19$70(c7"

The W Hotel, where the duo was scheduled to perform on Saturday, said the show wl4ay7H-Po#+!E#dj1b3LuCXp^=6dZg6PBHaMPiDQ89ZK3OKzoFas cancelled due to "due to unforeseen circumstances”.

Crackdown in Malaysia

Gay sex is illegal under British colonial-era laws in Malaysia. Those found guilty fq#3q$*5+n=m*jqyGZwo*zfVi2)M-jBC&=PLhUxTb(T1Tg4QCCpace up to 20 years in prison.

But, in addition to the threat of criminal prosecution, increasing stiU)#@-DTh%9Fz^Zff#t1TLbnKd&cU$AeN2LJP1&XgM6Hi+HRk52gma and discrimination also marginalize the country’s LGBTI community.

A number of religious and political figures have consistently whipped up an[email protected]%da2NncWJlvc8XiwohEj3Trc)-EGh3FC)y%6#C2wpujti-LGBTI sentiments in the Muslim majority country.

Local newspapers have vilified prominent LGBTI figureLSa#J1qwQ!Tpf0r4C*AnF4+V#+pV66ZHfAEVup=spX8^Umt#_(s.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister, meanwhile, has labelled LGBT rights a Western import and sai+Bu%aod9f31Xe^&E2Bk!_j!O3SKkqfp7timWn%SpI30KZPR!Hed they have no place in Malaysia.

The Malaysian authorities have also clamped down on the L!VyG*s3OmGg3g_MgV6HJDhcH#jT48mGbsfV&=sUN_gEkCV(OCJGBTI community.

In one of the most controversial instances, in September two women were caned in the heavily conservative state of Terengganu for allegedly being in a same-sex relationshi[email protected]_E&AeMsUnM8dBKHCPp.

Police also raided a well-known Y7(DPM#[email protected][email protected]%GoUd)Eggay bar in Kuala Lumpur for the first time in its 30-year history.

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