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Italian electro-pop duo, Gioli & Assia, who are also a same-sex couple, claim the  Malaysian government cancelled a Kuala Lumpur show this weekend because o8%4ZUc_5BN+iwFgB4L_^OF!*)E)PS)ez0fS+XUQUjLb78vN^kyf their sexuality.

“We have to sadY9(+&&bJ94Z8MsfswM=TjJ=2Tlk-UVWzXqUgZq2$gVRAxLEH8fly announce that our show at W Hotel in Kuala Lumpur has been cancelled due to our LGBT orientation,” Gioli wrote in an Instagram story shared on Twitter.

Gioli explained that a government agency perfon=UGrSc5v(X#^*[email protected]&1*oNbkW!0iFM=RtRqead-65mnrms background checks on artists performing in Malaysia.

“In their research, they have concluded that Gioli & Assia is of LGBT orientation and are seen to be promoting LGBT”, Gioli wr7TJ%_7X6v2nVL_iXE-x2pWc17Qvi-pdt04jTR!lhV*lgih%w*&ote.

“Sad that this can still happen in 2019. Sad that loI+idnc0IrHUp*jgq2gnsc!+ir6TeM3_lZycXsb0E$fwNT15AEmve is still a cause of discrimination. Sad."

The W Hotel, where the duo was scheduled to perform on Saturday, said the show was cancelled due to "due to unforeseen circumstan1xaujkX5Nq3%U+q+12I+!ZZ+u6g(UNGJ%l9)UHyXLep4b6k)*2ces”.

Crackdown in Malaysia

Gay sex is illegal under British colonial-era laws in Malaysia. Those found guilty face up to 20 years in priso7$Fnh^)lDYzH!iyA)e=^&%q1dKAUq02b_h85z^L^5d83XoQRg6n.

But, in addition to the threat of criminal prosecution, increasing st-c0VcxhT2Nl+QkemR+i1TWV!hN+zsA4xu_QD^bHxY2uNf_f#vFigma and discrimination also marginalize the country’s LGBTI community.

A number of religious and political figures have consistently whi)mqfeov4nb5QQyiQzR8rMP=nUHmWlFz6Skgvp4pr8#=cl7!TWHpped up anti-LGBTI sentiments in the Muslim majority country.

Local newspapers have vilified ioh#!wpqeUpU*6jeM*ZBzYEha^Qs255i^zg5m*Zdna&Me^K0Rjprominent LGBTI figures.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister, meanwhile, has labelled LGBT rights a Western import and said they have no place in MalaAu22nAFuxeu8&JiCaZ*DCSlB73gnJWsIxfKak=fN_c00CvDry8ysia.

ThLrT8qMBE+vqdloA)j7W%GeJUQ5rks%Yq$QziowEp3_nhCOtP&ie Malaysian authorities have also clamped down on the LGBTI community.

In one of the most controversial instances, in September two women were caned in the heavillhI(W0XYB#B=V^4c8#PQa%Ozy6!&RsdGwW3cu5DnHy22TXpZnTy conservative state of Terengganu for allegedly being in a same-sex relationship.

Police also raided a well-known gay bar in Kuala Lumpur for th[email protected]$^flfdT3jOfH(xIs8Yr5V-de5rzz*Pie first time in its 30-year history.

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