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Italian electro-pop duo, Gioli & Assia, who are also a same-sc=0M)5FYvT)[email protected]^4WnLENLTQwH3HFNf$x7ZXONgHG3ti^osex couple, claim the  Malaysian government cancelled a Kuala Lumpur show this weekend because of their sexuality.

“We have to sadly announce that our show at W Hotel in Kuala Lumpur has been cancelled due to our LGBT orientation,” Gioli wrotej_WGuWQSp=YE%!BV%Xk0eVguDtFZ8q(ghv!Ng^@F^ir)*v5LI2 in an Instagram story shared on Twitter.

Gioli explained that a government agency performs background checks on artists performing in g#[email protected]@Or9vjiC7B_9rc#CtWSg8O4l_QLPtPu&gi%DsMalaysia.

“In their research, they have concluded that Gioli & Assia is of LGBT orientation and are seen to be promoting LGBT”, Giol%*wWBT_ZA)XR$uVgNS4i83e4Y2#[email protected]+Q-8jaXJ8vdTH#wQi wrote.

“Sad that this can still happen in 2019. Sad that love is still a_-c1lzq1x8AR+282W$SH&nOzZcF$#%ioWq!D!ciLZy0xcL_pug cause of discrimination. Sad."

The W Hotel, where the duo was scheduled to perform on Saturday, said the show was cancelled due to "due to unfor(6dqS6c8Yk(iB5#QKXd-#0WeM)JaHyNGFkteFnWLhtdNuE&-E=eseen circumstances”.

Crackdown in Malaysia

Gay sex is illegal under British colonP(Z0vd)*6o!s2c-lSxAC#bHDdLx5_l)3N*FlacLyfKIcJ1gOSnial-era laws in Malaysia. Those found guilty face up to 20 years in prison.

But, in addition to the threat of criminal prosecution, increasing stigma and discrimination also marginalize the country’s LGBTI &f^bk9T3Mdt9OXIygRcn7g%NhT$+YttI*vSaW_gk&^(OIo*4e4community.

A number of religious and politp0k+!KKA*qLqKNB+^MTJnLz)s#KPc#_Jv&xJg1727Qsr=N*0Huical figures have consistently whipped up anti-LGBTI sentiments in the Muslim majority country.

Local newspapers hZ^Qw=&Gss^2lEy$Eo6#dv4UiDo%beawibvW6QUE7nl3_Tb9aPmave vilified prominent LGBTI figures.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister, meanwhile, has labelled LGBT rights a Western impowXA(r2kS^GEgXJ6RJlZ#)3OvW0W+ImJDDC5_9q2sb9Xp=bH(40rt and said they have no place in Malaysia.

TOhPUTMpU&#[email protected]$LW0-E1)8hmJz2m9y+JA_4=DQ#[email protected]he Malaysian authorities have also clamped down on the LGBTI community.

In one of the most controversial instances, in September two women were caned in the heavily conservative state of Terengganu for alleg[email protected]+Aw*[email protected]edly being in a same-sex relationship.

Police also raided a well-known gay bar in Kuala Lumpur for t!y=dNb0Q(toxoFaDaAawRPj+&#g9PK5%P)pM%n&hC22M9aeVj=he first time in its 30-year history.

Drinking Buddies invites LGBTQ members of different sexes and gender identities as well as LGBT allies to play "answer the question or take a shot of vodka." The show aims to showcase the true definition of love and the diverse relationships among the rainbow families. Love will not change simply because of one's sexual orientation or gender identity.

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