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American singer and actress Evan Rachel Wood has had an impressive characters since her debut being nominated many times for Emmy, Golden Globe, and other international awards. Her parents have helped her perfect her skills since she was a young girl. Before her debut, she had been engaging in park theater quite actively, she even starred in the musical her father adapted, A Christmas Carol, when she was an infant. Afterwards, she starred in many television series, including American Gothic and Once and Again. In 1998, when Evan Rachel Wood was a 9-year-old, she played the main character in the movie Digging to China.

Evan Rachel Wood / (Source: Instagram)

However, speaking of the most well-known works of Wood, one cannot forget Thirteen (2003), in which Wood played a character addicted to hard drugs, sex, and crimes. Due to her extraordinary performance, the 16-year-old Wood was nominated at the 61st Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards in the Best Actress category. In the following years she starred in several high praised American independent movies, such as the freak sister in Running with Scissors, and the rebellious daughter in The Wrestler. After 2008, she returned to TV, starring in The Ideas of MarchTrue BloodMildred Pierce, and other brilliant series. Her distinguished performance in Mildred Pierce earned her nominations at the Golden Globe and the Emmy Awards. In 2016, her cyborg character in Westworld skyrocketed her popularity and earned her her third nomination at the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress.

Still from Westworld / (Source: HBO)

As she gradually raised to fame, Wood's fans all over the world have turned their attention to her private life. Rumor has it that she dated out with rock star Marilyn Manson and English actor Jamie Bell. In 2012, Wood came out as bisexual on Twitter. In 2014, she was said to be dating Katherine Moennig from The L Word. After coming out, Wood has been actively engaging in feminist, anti-domestic violence and LGBTQ movements. In the 50th anniversary of the Stone Wall Movement, she also celebrated her queer identity with millions of people.

Wood and Katherine Moennig from The L Word / (Source: toofab)

After coming out as bisexual, Wood's gender non-conforming looks have been appreciated even more by the fans. In Allure (2017), she played a lesbian character for the first time. In the story, Wood plays a 30-year-old woman, Laura, who works at her father's cleaning service company in the morning, and seeks sensual experiences during the night. Her life changes drastically when she meets Eva, the daughter of one of her customers, on the job. Laura is obsessed with Eva's unworldly characteristics, and Laura's freedom-loving nature has captured Eva's attention as well. They fall in love with each other, ans start living together. Although it seems quite romantic, the sweetness is actually an imprisonment. The violent, uncontrollable desire of Laura has revealed their loneliness, making the pair fall into a fierce emotional spiral.

Still from Allure / (Source: GagaOOLala)

The film was nominated at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and Golden Horse Film Festival, 2018 Guadalajara International Film Festival, and 2019 Canadian Screen Awards for Achievement in Cinematography and Achievement in Music. The film also won the Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Borsos Award of Best Canadian Feature, and Star to Watch in the 2017 Whistler Film Festival.

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