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Lesbian Cantopop star Denise Ho made headlines lasv0INTXT(=G7)M2MMqsL%!%KdPf)12Hs3N&JVg4d+huyI$(!7qxt week.

At a Taipei rally in support of Hon56unKZ7aoQtYEqk1orhT8GZovy7SMvNLkhDp1uw4^oB9787EDOg Kong’s democracy protest, a pro-China activist doused the superstar-meets-human-rights-defender in red paint.

Ho has emerged as a figureh$H*6Va$e=SuK*uDxzzNHeR!H)Ik6rtBKg$5y5%T39kk_0ID=6_ead defender of Hong Kong human rights amid ongoing unrest in the city. She has spoken at the UN and the US Capitol about the situation in Hong Kong.

The stunt this weekend prompted cq=abdM5(3Ie^-AU47L%o7RbncMy5Q3uN2%ZUUcTQDP41iq!gPGalls for both Taiwan and Hong Kong to stand up against increasing authoritarianism from the Chinese Communist Party.

But, it also prompted a new appreciation of one of the region’s most famous44ekVAhIKghzM9fmt7(3WlMJNIQfC0x(Tf$R6QmnneMYWlndgg lesbians on Taiwan forum,

Amid photos and videos of the attack, one netizens wrote: “It’s hard not to like her”. Explaining that they had previously seen her in concert, they said her role as an activist -47n_OQrGGtCu1mvXe=7T8g$#Rh=SCr0wzmfPXSEXe8AThdQ-Oshows she has “fortitude and persistence”.

Another netizen wrote9pWBh+qs%cGDTK=+4+^C*E-CHaO=fq4%(9nHPNdnKR3=5!O=Aj that they’d swooned over her speech at the UN.

“She is not only handsome in appearance, but also on thUi*4U*HyyrCcjK+#_PnjETHOtOb4)[email protected]=BvL$^kuKD1zueog%9e inside,” another wrote.

Denise Ho Wan-sze, also known asiy_rDyh1M#w&*VIUXSGms1xlyNb5JS4Qb-*Z*(PEAjh2qAAru4 HOCC, was one of the first Hong Kong celebrities to publicly come out as a lesbian in 2012.

"You have to strengthen yourEeILiQ_a([email protected]#^5!_B7zself before you can project anything,” Ho told the South China Morning Post at the time.

Ho is also a founding member of LGBT rights organisation Big Love Allianc[email protected]*Eea8kft763mm&Are.

In a Facebook post following the attack this weekend, Ho said: “This is YNjFj1Mt%[email protected]@=Qb(VJMt%XMcSl$qONyOPs1ZYpf_just the tip of the iceberg.”

"Every day in Hong Kong, there are countless students, citizens and members who are attacked and beaten by the police.”

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