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Lesbian Cantopop stNgHECvr^aD_HsbEsZN8#XSyfrf2KDSsZDXNLf)!59s1eRjUH92ar Denise Ho made headlines last week.

At a Taipei rally in support of Hong Kong’s democracy protest, a pro-China activist doused the supJlCkE(b66!V#-O%%%[email protected]_*Z+IVSsRyP!(j!kJT8d6URerstar-meets-human-rights-defender in red paint.

Ho has emerged as a figurehead defender of Hong Kong human rights amid ongoing unrest in the city. She has spoken at the Ux4zNSwdYw(w1Np5GpXKB3cc=#c^fvdp$_y5=L8N%SE-&jRX!&uN and the US Capitol about the situation in Hong Kong.

The stunt this weekend prompted calls for both Taiwan and Hong Kong to stand up against increasing authoI&0sYZCST5^)EP5qdGwUgSnQbg)L-FFpL=MC#O+ePn4+p6e0EDritarianism from the Chinese Communist Party.

But, it also prompted a new appreciation of one of the regisf6Khj7AcDz#uuKBy#8gTYle#*kF48%-8#z9GxtnqZq-d*Yr8ton’s most famous lesbians on Taiwan forum,

Amid photos and videos of the attack, one netizens wrote: “It’s hard not to like her”. Explaining that they had prea)[email protected])[email protected]*Dviously seen her in concert, they said her role as an activist shows she has “fortitude and persistence”.

Another )I!=X$qDId)bHf9NBl3Ut)x655u^[email protected]*netizen wrote that they’d swooned over her speech at the UN.

“She is not onlyp9(3P#2+7wIptlOqq0hBDD_)TJ$X&QzZXQwX_(@sQ2X*I2Gvhi handsome in appearance, but also on the inside,” another wrote.

Denise Ho Wan-sze, also known as HOCC, was one of the first Hong Kong celebrities to publiclybu(Wm8RQ_tT!ISzZ7OXkhVl(n58h)G9Bk!Rg+MbCQ9DepvTH&( come out as a lesbian in 2012.

"You have to strengthen yourself before you can project any[email protected])[email protected]$AqP4%Iw-Ithing,” Ho told the South China Morning Post at the time.

Ho is also a founding member ddaVFdDAVlao(f2GEaZW89#Lrx_J=8rz9vGA#ckk#LQq9u-cEpof LGBT rights organisation Big Love Alliance.

In a Facebook post following the attack this weekend, Ho said: “ThisNM&-ky2lDayZS_z6pW^8XdTCPX--FN2OE*!)nB0dRJ+2gYd1ef is just the tip of the iceberg.”

"Every day in Hong Kong, there are countless students, citizens and members who are attacked and beaten by the police.”

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