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日期 時間 活動地點
16:00 星光碼頭 Singuang Ferry Warf 加入提醒

日落遊港趴 Sunset Booze Cruise

🛳Join us on the Sunset Boat Cruise in either March, April, or May.

🚤We'll board at 4pm and start the open bar immediately. Then we’ll take an epic cruise around the harbor for a few hours while blasting all the best jams to get the dance floor on the upper deck going.

🥂At 7pm, we will dock at Cijin ferry terminal. It's just a 5 minute walk to Cijin Sunset Bar’s Full Moon Party on the beach. A FREE BEER or NT$100 off the open bar at Cijin Sunset Bar for boat party attendees.
晚上七點我們將停靠在旗津渡船頭,走路到旗津沙灘吧的滿月趴只要五分鐘!從船上前往沙灘吧的朋友們可享有免費啤酒1瓶 或 暢飲吧100元折價優惠🍻

🌛After Midnight the night is still young and you can join our Time Machine Discotheque at Brickyard. FREE ENTRY for boat party attendees! Tickets are Limited, so act fast!