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日期 時間 活動地點
22:00 台北市中山區玉門街1號 (圓山花博廣場) 加入提醒

Japan Rock Feast (feat. Migrant & Manic Sheep)

來自日本的候鳥將飛越海洋來到台北舉辦了!這次特別邀請到Manic Sheep一起同台演出!
第一次來台灣舉辦活動的主辦人 DJ Jimi ,將帶領我們從360度傳來的音樂中進入到異次元的音樂世界。
一場日本Rock饗宴,帶領我們進入到【 Surround DJ 】的世界,樂迷們千萬不要錯過!

【Surround DJ】創造出異次元的音樂空間

The Migrant from Japan is coming to Taipei! And we have Manic Sheep as special guest this time! It’s DJ. Jimi’s first time to come to Taiwan. He will lead us into the extradimensional music world via 360-degree music.
The Japan Rock Feast will lead us to the world of Surrounded DJ. All the music fans, do not miss it!

【Surround DJ】creates extradimensional music space.
・360-degree dynamic music.
・All the surround arranged at all the corners in venue exquisitely, as if it creates an extradimentional space.

Are you ready for Rock DJ Party ?

Migrant – Japan Rock DJ
候鳥 - 日本 Rock DJ

Date : 2017/01/14 (Sat.)
Time : 10:00PM - 04:00AM
Place : Triangle
Address :台北市中山區玉門街1號 (圓山花博廣場)
Price : 400元 (+1 free drink)

Artists/ DJs
・DJ Jimi
・えどん (edon)
・ユヤマモトキ (yuyamamotoki)
・インドウマサノリ (indoumasanori)
・Manic Sheep (TW)

22:00 DJ 
23:10 Manic Sheep
23:40 DJ





When I traveled to Taiwan, all the people there being so kind to me, and give me lots of CDs. So I have good impression on Taiwan, and also hearing from my friends that how nice Taiwan is. Though we have different language and environment, but through music, we can combine out emotion together, this is such a pleasurable thing! I discovered that Taiwan have less Japan Rock DJ event, so please don't miss this event! Last but not least, Taiwan’s music fans, let us create the most wonderful day together! 

【DJ Jimi】
・與立體音響世界中的龍頭Acoustic Field合作發表的「3D DJmix」,使用一般的CD播放器和頭戴式耳機就能聽見360度聲音的移動軌跡。
・擔任藝人井上薫的Surround DJ技術支援,出演過富士搖滾音樂節等各國音樂節。

・Installed surround speaker system in Plaza Ruefer in Kawazaki LAZONA, providing Surround music.
・3D DJmix , The collaboration with top speaker brand Acoustic Field, is able to hear 360-degree sound moving track via normal CD player and headphones.
・Being together invited with Kitano Takeshi to International Film Festival Rotterdam. Being the music producer of Makime Manabu’s film works.
・DJ. Jimi used sound to create space. He worked as technician in the opening of Kurukku, which is a complex facility held by Mr. Children’s producer, Kobayashi Takeshi. 
・DJ. Jimi worked as the Surrounded DJ technical support of artist Inoue Kaoru. He had also been to Fuji Rock Festival and music festival all over the world.

【Manic Sheep】
Playing a mixture of Shoegaze and Noise Rock, Manic Sheep formed in 2010 in Taipei.They constantly switch between different roles and genre in their music.

Unexpectedly, many overseas audiences have been becoming more and more interested in their music. Manic Sheep has been opening for KYTE(UK) in 2012,The Album Leaf (US) in 2014, Neon Indian(US) in 2015 and also attended many famous festival, such as SXSW (US), NXNE(Canada), CMF (Canada), Clockenflap(HK), Fujirock(JP), MPF (TW) etc.