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14:00 Impact Hub Taipei 社會影響力製造所(台北市大安區和平東路二段265巷3號) 加入提醒

Women Rights Across Borders- 什麼是女性權益?

「女性權益不分國界」座談以小型互動模式進行,結束後還有和特邀嘉賓們小組交流討論的環節喔!為了cover場地費,每人收費200元~ 現場會提供茶水和零食唷~ 

Women Rights Across Borders panel discussion will look at women's issues in Taiwan and around the world in a local and international scope. After the panel, you will have the opportunity to participate in small group discussions with special guests. Whether you have already read deeply on women’s rights or have no knowledge on the subject, everyone is welcome! Admission fee is 200ntd, drinks and snacks provided~ 
*This is a bilingual event*

【 票價 Ticket Price 】
? 200NTD/person
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#自發性團體賠錢也要平權 #WomensRights = #HumanRights  #來吧618

很多人不解:「為什麼台灣有女總統也邁向婚姻平權,還有人在抱怨性別不平等?為什麼還有人覺得要維護女性權益呢?」有一名女性總統不=國家就性別平等啊~ 數據顯示台灣性別平等指數已在倒退中。女性參政比例還是低於⅓。,還是有同工不同酬的問題,而且在台灣每4名女性就有一名遭受過暴力... 

為了解惑很多人存在的疑問,繼3/8的 「不只是女權的女權遊行」 ,我們將舉辦「女性權益不分國界」座談會,集合國內外專家以及跨領域嘉賓談論什麼是女性權益、各國女性權益發展史、台灣性別平等狀態,以及如何使台灣邁向國際化的平權!


We believe that "women's rights are human rights", and they're worth fighting for. In order to combat the adversities women face, we must first understand how gender inequality is shaped in Taiwan and around the world, starting with the fundamentals of women's rights. Therefore, this forum will begin by examining the origin of “women’s rights,” “feminism,” and how women’s movements have pushed for progressive reforms and gender equality. We will also look at women’s issues in Taiwan and around the world through an international and local scope. Dr. Jihyeon Jeong, a professor who studies gender issues in China, and Chyn Yu Rung, a representative from Awakening Foundation, will join the panel discussion. 

You don’t have to identify as a female or a feminist to join the event. Everyone is welcome! 

------活動流程 Event Rundown-----

【座談會|Panel Discussion】
•鄭智賢(Jihyeon Jeong) 韓籍性別議題研究員 
•覃玉蓉(Chyn Yu Rung) 婦女新知基金會秘書長 
•張琬琪(Annie Chang) 婦權基金會研究員

2:00-2:10 報到 Arrival

2:10-2:20 開場 Opening

2:20-2:30 什麼是婦女權益? What are “women’s rights”? What is “feminism” and why does it matter?

2:30-3:00 台灣與國外女性權益發展史 History of women’s rights in Taiwan and Asia 

3:00-3:30 台灣性別平等嗎?Is Taiwan close to achieving gender equality?

3:30-4:00 現今婦女面臨最大的問題有哪些? What are the opportunities for and threats against the advancement of rights for women in Taiwan and globally?

4:00-4:20 如何維護台灣的婦女權益,使台灣邁向國際化的性別平權?How can we take action to support women’s rights? 

4:20-4:30 Q&A

【交流分享會|Group Discussion】
由Women’s March Taiwan的夥伴帶領,邀請特邀嘉賓們與大家認識並分享已在進行的專案,深入淺出地討論相關婦女議題。Women’s March Taiwan will join special guests and participants to discuss thoughts on women’s issues. 

4:30-4:45 小組交流討論 Group Discussion

4:45-5:00 交流分享 General sharing




Women's March Taiwan 呼籲以女性平權促進人類平權。讓我們一起保障台灣人權,建立多元化、健康的社會!