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日期 時間 活動地點
19:00 不遠露營度假山莊 加入提醒

Earthfest 2022 地球革命音樂祭

🌐 四個舞台超過百名表演者4 Stages/100+artists
🌐 異國美食手創市集Exotic Food & Crafts
🌐 絕佳山林湖光山色Mountain Site & Lake View
🌐 多元露營與住宿On-Site Camping & Cabins
🌐 奇幻裝置藝術Unique Art Installations
🌐 獨特表演藝術Live Performance Art



在地球革命,你能感受到一群擁有獨特才能的音樂、行動藝術家與 DJ 在舞台上盡情的揮灑熱血,為現場帶來最棒的表演。除了音樂外,活動還結合世界美食、露營住宿等最酷的戶外體驗。

今年,地球革命將再次在苗栗舉辦,現場除了擅長各種曲風的 DJ 外,還帶來由 PANGAEA 團隊邀請、擅長 Live 表演的樂手,展現多元且震撼的表演。

An electronic music and arts festival running for over 10 years, Earthfest is a tribal celebration of our home planet, where we gather to party while expressing the best versions of ourselves.

We'll hear music from the most talented DJs, see unique décor and installations, experience weird and wonderful performance art, taste food from around the world, and hear the pristine sound, all set in a picturesque campground in Sanyi Township, Miaoli.

This year, Earthfest has more stages than ever, and we are expanding our live element, with support from the Pangaea series. We'll have everything from live drums, to horns, guitars, and didgeridoo! Whether you like Techno, Tech House, Psy, Tribal, Groove, Breaks, DNB, Experimental...there will truly be something for everyone.

Expect the unexpected!