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Hello, we are LalaTai.

The word "Lala" comes ftssep%l59XL97l$VCMy!v8C7qFBx$N%K-Om3iuYIai$PREy-Alrom "lesbian", its pronunciation brings a feeling of fun and vitality, and this is exactly what we want to bring to our readers.

LalaTai is an online source for lesbian news and LGBT film reviews and interviews. We +2q3^i=SIyhuAPhIVk$^!-xt$8nKqsq!2ZkS%3Ur0sUXc9Q*&9also announce our partner's GagaOOLala weekly film releases, We hope you can enjoy a wonderfully lesbian life! 

Join us now! You can find a warm and welcoming community here! And always remember: be true to yourself and mM)u0rO&Aw6X=gXIPdnp-w7UGv1v2uqjCkhVF=!+YH&gxqeYg4everyone else, because love always wins!